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Anna Sui make-up launches at ASOS

by Lareese Craig ,
Anna Sui make-up launches at ASOS© ASOS Anna Sui

Thought As Seen On Screen (aka ASOS) was just about fashion? You thought wrong! It might be your go-to garb guru but now it should be your beauty bookmark all day long too since their beauty dept just launched Anna Sui make-up. With cute Minnie Mouse motifs emblazoned across its packaging how could you refuse an online shopping spree?

American kitsch has landed on ASOS! The online retailer has launched Anna Sui's brand new make-up collection and it's cute as a beauty button.

You heard us, the designer has teamed up with one of our fave online stores to offer up her Disney Minnie Mouse Collection. American fashion icon meets Disney legend... this is genius.

Anna Sui's beauty collection is known for its nod to fantasy, quirky packaging and statement collars so Disney seems like the ideal make-up muse.

Anna Sui says: "Minnie Mouse is a rock star. People say: "Anna Sui is very girly, very trendy, very nostalgic", but we're so feminine too. We try so hard to make every product reflective of that world. I love Minnie. I've always collected figurines of her."

Including highlights such as bow-shaped compacts, mini Minnie figurines and limited edition make-up tins, we're thinking stocking fillers galore.

With Minnie Mouse as her muse this collection was always going to be all kinds of cute - just look at the lid of the nail polish! Adorbs.

There's everything from make-up sets to lip palettes, hand creams and rose scented mascara, all you need to give your cosmetics the Disney makeover.

With a nod to the fantasy world, Anna Sui's latest Minnie Mouse collection is great for grown-ups who want to have a bit of fun with their slap.

After all, you're never too old for fluttery lashes, right?

The Anna Sui beauty collection is available now from ASOS and the core beauty collection will launch in 2014.

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Lareese Craig
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