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Make-up for dark skin

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Make-up for dark skin

Harmonious, natural-looking make-up is best for dark or matte complexions: it brings out the radiance and light of dark complexions and highlights the beauty and shine of golden skin.

Choosing the right foundation for your skin
It’s vital you choose the right kind of foundation that suits your skin tone perfectly.

To avoid the dreaded mask lines, choose a foundation exactly the same shade as your skin tone, or half a shade lighter.

Professionals use 2 shades: a lighter one on your forehead, nose and cheeks, and a darker one for the rest of the face.
For a fresh, radiant look, go for golden, orange or apricot shades that guarantee healthy-looking, peachy skin and suit matte skin tones.

Your make-up base should be perfectly smooth and soft. Here are the three steps to follow for applying make-up on dark skin.

- Step 1: Concealer
Concealing is an indispendable art! Aside from hiding dark circles under the eyes, it’s also brilliant at covering up imperfections and blemishes.

Application: To cover up imperfections, apply concealer in small quantities over under eye circles and your T-zone, then use your finger to blend outwards towards the edge of your face until your skin absorbs it.

-Step 2: Foundation
Foundation evens out make-up and makes skin radiant.

Application: Apply a few blobs of foundation to your nose, forehead and chin and blend in lightly using your finger. The result should be even and transparent for a really natural effect.

-Step 3: Blusher
Blusher adds a bit of glow to light up your skin.

Application: Apply to your cheekbones while you smile, using a big brush. If you’re a bit of a pro, play with light by applying a light powder to the top of your cheekbones and a darker shade underneath to sculpt your face.

Dark skin is best highlighted with harmonious colours that show it in its best light, and there’s a huge range of shades you can use to achieve this.

Go for variations on beige with light reflecting shimmer, peach for a healthy glow, and golden ochre to illuminate your face.
Avoid foundation that is either yellowish or too dark.

For a dazzling glow, play with golden shimmer that sparkles beautifully on matte skin. Beige and ivory add light, rosy and pink shades are delicate and silky if you like a romantic look, and shimmering pink reflects light for a gorgeous harmonious base.

For a glam touch
Make dark skin dazzle by applying illuminating powder on top of your base using a large brush. Your skin will catch the light and exude radiance.

Photo: Clinique

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