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20 Truly Outstanding Yearbook Quotes

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Truly Outstanding Yearbook Quotes

Why couldn't we have been this cool when we were 18?!

This Mean Girls mantra

This quote which proves you should go after what you want

This declaration of an undetermined future

This acknowledgment of being

This commendation to the best of times

This proclamation of modesty

This fail.

This unrelated Nguyen's group joke

This short yet sweet farewell

This testament to the school's talents

This acceptance of a truly unfortunate name

This acceptance of absolute perfection

This quote from an inspirational leader

This banter over Drake and Josh

This excellence in foreign languages

This truth telling

This genuine and deep question

This storyteller's tale

This quote, by everyone

The unfortunate lyric for Delilah

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Emmy Griffiths
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