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Pizza Hut Has Released A Clothing Line And It's Like, So Swag

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Pizza Hut Has Released A Clothing Line And It's Like, So Swag

Everyone loves pizza. We love eating it, we love joking about it, we love occasionally dressing up as it for Halloween purposes only. But our enthusiasm on the subject has not gone unnoticed. Our 'pizza is my boyfriend' and 'pizza is life' quips have been found out by Pizza Hut and merchandised. Our favourite food has been made into a clothing range called 'Hut Swag' and we don't want to be hyperbolic, but we're afraid this is the end. Pizza, sadly, has turned on us.

Pizza Hut's new clothing range, affectionately named 'Hut Swag', has every makings of a marketer looking at 'what the kids are saying these days' then printing it on t-shirts and hoodies in an effort to look hip. From the 'Pizza is Bae' to yoga jogging bottoms to pepperoni patterned snapbacks, the range is like a Dad trying to relate to his kids and failing miserably.

So get ready everyone, the time to rock up to your school or work in pizza themed t-shirts, sunglasses, hats and skateboards from Hut Swag is FINALLY here. Check our the range for yourself...

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Naturally Twitter has it's own opinions on Hut Swag...

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Emmy Griffiths
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