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Apparently We Need To Be Removing Our Blackheads With Silky Balls Now

by Lareese Craig ,
Apparently We Need To Be Removing Our Blackheads With Silky Balls Now

Blackheads are the grossest of the gross. The way they worm their way under your skin and set up shop - they are rude and they are damn right plucky and we are done. But rather than squeeze at our faces so hard that we leave semi-permanent thumb imprints there for a good week, theres a gentler hack for getting rid of those pesky pimples and we've got these silky balls to thank for that.

While squeezing blackheads can be a gross and, admittedly, satisfying affair, clawing at our skin with fingernails filthier than your average toilet seat *I don't care what you say - even Kim Kardashian will have dodgy things lurking under those nails* probably isn't gonna help matters. So when we hear of a new and very clean way to inhibit our pesky blackheads we are all eyes, ears and balls. Silky balls to be more specific.

In the latest innovative Korean beauty hack, you can now rub 100% natural silk finger balls all over your face to teach those blackheads a thing or two about rocking up uninvited. You're kinda relieved we mentioned silk there aren't you? We were too.

These little helpful cocoons of silk work wonders to exfoliate your complexion and keep those pesky pimples at bay. All you've got to do is pop them onto your index fingers, dampen with water and work all over your face in circular motions, paying particular attention to congested areas. Shout out to the sides of the nose and the chin - if you poke your chin out and stretch it a little, those bad boy blackheads will be standing on their stools with their arms in the air, exposing themselves and holding a sign with MC Hammer lyrics on it.

​Suitable for all skin types, these glorious silky balls declog pores and eliminate dirt gently and effectively, leaving your skin clean and free of any of those sore finger marks we often endure when we go on a squeeze fest. (At this point I'd like to say thank you to Bio Oil for saving my skin from all those times I was a savage serial spot squeezer. You taught my pores how to love again).

And here's the best news: you can get your hands on these balls right here, right now if your heart so desires. Brb, just off to get mine.

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Lareese Craig
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