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16 Sexist Habits That Women Secretly Love

by cheree ,
16 Sexist Habits That Women Secretly Love© Pinterest

What's the difference between sexism and chivalry these days? It's a fine line. Lots of women are afraid to admit that certain things men do in relationships can be kind of cute even when they can be argued as sexist, too. Nevertheless, we're going with our hearts on this one. Here are 16 sexist behaviours that women secretly love from men!

For the fierce and independent ladies reading - beware - this list might piss you off.

But it's hard to ignore the ladies out there who enjoy all the gentlemanly things their boyfriends do - even if the world says they're wrong for it! From kitchen mice to Ikea furniture, here are 16 sexist things that warm our hearts!

1. Taking out the rubbish

Watching your man lug bulging rubbish bags is a sexy kind of foreplay, right?

​Of course we're down to take out the bin bags every now and then but it's nice to have him step up and do the dirty work... .

2. Carrying our bags

You're a strong woman, we know, but it's kinda nice when your boy carries your over-packed travel bags up the tube's stairs!

It's a total old school move but if you're struggling with your things, are you really going to reject his help? Doubt it!

3. Pulling out our chair

We are capable of moving a small piece of furniture but...so is he!

4. Buying us dinner

Men and women both perpetuate this sexist role-playing, especially on the first date!

But - and be honest with yourself - if a guy you're just seeing sits back and waits for you to pull out your Visa on the first few outings, you'd hightail it out of the restaurant real fast.

5. Taking the curb

This is when a man walks closest to the sidewalk so you won't get splashed or dirty from passing cars. It's pretty traditional and really sweet.

6. Building our furniture

How many times have you looked at a cheap dresser from Amazon.com that has 500 parts and thought, “Hmm. I’ll wait til my boyfriend gets home so he can put this together.”

7. Fixing a flat

Everyone should know how to fix a flat. Still, if you get one on a road trip with your man, guess who's going under the car to repair it...

8. Killing gross houseguests

We're totally down to set the traps! However, our boyfriends and hubbies tend to be the ones who carry the dead, unwelcome vermin out of the apartment.

And, ugh...cockroaches, spiders, those disgusting silverfish. NO THANKS. If our men want to feel like heroes and squash those bugs themselves, we're all for it!

9. Asking if we made it home OK

Obviously we're grown women who can navigate the transport system like badasses but that "are you home; let me know? <3" text you receive from your man when you get in from a hard night of drinking is cute!

10. Telling other men "she's taken."

Technically, that's sexist, we're not a possession to be had...but how many women actually confront their boyfriends about this phrase? In reality, we tend to get all happy because he's proud to be with us!

11. Celebrating Valentine's Day

So your man got you roses, chocolates, and a four-star dinner...basically, everything sexist ads say women love, but y'know what...you couldn't help but smile when he showed up with that red bouquet!

12. Offering his jacket

So polite and gentleman-ly. You totally support this cheesy, rom-com move!

13. Letting us order first

The whole "ladies first"thing is hotly debated as sexist. We think this is a heartwarming gesture though. Oh well!

14. Getting our parents' blessing to marry

No, he doesn't have to ask for "permission" to marry us. We're not property. However, cluing our parents in on his intentions to get hitched and even including them in the proposal is pretty romantic.

15. Proposing

We're gonna chock this up to all the Disney movies that have screwed with our heads, but when women daydream aboutt heir future proposals, it's always the man down on one knee.

16. Letting us plan the wedding

Millions of women have an ideal wedding in mind. Obviously we're going to make sure our future hubby is involved but it's SO appreciated when they let us take over on the details.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? We really want to know! Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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