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Imaginative, Devoted, But Kinda Lazy? 8 Signs You're A Total Pisces

by Pascale Day ,
Imaginative, Devoted, But Kinda Lazy? 8 Signs You're A Total Pisces© We Heart It

Are you an accepting, compassionate person who's indecisive and more of an escapist than Houdini? Born between 19th February and 20 March? Then that settles it - you, my friend, are a Pisces.

  1. · You are imaginative
  2. · You're hopelessly devoted
  3. · Don't get mad but... you can be kinda oversensitive
  4. · You are compassionate
  5. · You can be hella indecisive
  6. · You are able to adapt easily to your surroundings
  7. · Girl, you straight-up lazy
  8. · You are accepting

You are imaginative

You are someone who can't stop thinking of ideas. You look out of a window, see a cloud and before you even know what your hands are doing, you've painted a watercolour of it. You see a cat on a wall and you've already created a dramatic and dark backstory for the ol' moggy. You see art wherever you are and that's a skill not to be sniffed at.


You're hopelessly devoted

Whether it's treating your gal pal to a good night out after a break up, dressing up with your little bro to go to a comic convention or going to the cinema with your bestie to watch that terrible romcom she's been waiting to see, the people you care about know that they can rely on you for your love and loyalty in all situations.


Don't get mad but... you can be kinda oversensitive

Woah woah woah, calm down! Just because someone doesn't like something you like doesn't mean it's a personal attack on your. Whilst you are a fun person at heart, you have a tendency to be a little overemotional and can often overthink things. Just let go every once in a while!


You are compassionate

You pretty much can't watch any nature programmes or Supervet because if even one animal dies it'll send you into a total meltdown. You can't help it, you're just have a huge amount of sympathy for mankind! And as a result you're a very generous and giving person who can empathise with just about anyone.


You can be hella indecisive

Going shoe shopping is hell with you. Should you choose this shoe, or that shoe? This shoe.......or that shoe........ JUST PICK A SHOE! You indecisive nature might make people not want to do stuff with you, so make sure you start making your own decisions. You'll feel much better about life when you take control of it.

You are able to adapt easily to your surroundings

You out camping at the weekend? No problem. You just moved to the big bad city and don't know anyone? NBD. Looking after your friend's kids with your new boyfriend for the first time ever? Ain't no thang! You find it so easy to adapt to every situation that anything life throws at you, you learn to adjust quickly.

Girl, you straight-up lazy

Everyone likes to relax after a long day at work, but sometimes you take it waaaay too far. Not washing up dishes for 5 days? Not cool. A little energy goes a long way.


You are accepting

You know that what will be will be. So anything that people or work or life in general has to throw at you, you take it graciously and move on. It's the best way to be.


Does this sounds strangely familiar?! Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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