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20 Nail Art Designs On Pinterest That Are Getting Us Excited For Spring

by Pascale Day ,
20 Nail Art Designs On Pinterest That Are Getting Us Excited For Spring© Pinterest

We don't wanna go and jinx it but, have you noticed what's happening lately? It's gradually getting a little bit lighter outside every evening, which means Spring is on its way. Hallelujah. Pinterest is many things to many people. Inspo for a wedding. A haven of our fave hairstyles. A place where we can pin a million different shades of teal wall paint without fear of judgement. But what it's good for, what it's really, really good for, is helping us decide what we're gonna get at our next mani

Nail varnish is for all seasons, but rarely does it pop as much as spring. You can combine the melancholy greys of winter with the summery ebullience of a hot pink and you've got yourself a mani that all the cashiers are going to be complimenting you on when you're handing over your debit card. Or, you could embrace spring and its unpredictable weather, adopting soft pastel blues and chalky yellows to match the blooms of bluebells and daffodils that always take you by surprise when out walking off all those creme eggs over the Easter weekend.


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 6, 2017 at 9:31am PST

Unlike hairstyles or chunky belts, manicures never go out of style. Nail trends may come and go, but a classic varnish is here to stay. But whilst we're on trends, there are some top-notch ones around right now. Don't get us wrong - some are just plain crazy. We've had succulent nails, pierced nails, and even edible nails. But when you dial it back just a tiny bit, you get some really great styles like negative space nail art and let's be honest, you can't go wrong with just a regular slick of Chanel's Noir Rouge if you feel like trying something a little more dressed down.

Top nail trends for 2017

Now, we here at SoFeminine want to stress that keeping this album to less than 500 photos was not easy. It was a massive exercise in self-restraint. If you have ever been on Pinterest, like at all, you'll know how hard it is to pick just a few favourites from the thousands of gorgeous images available to you. There are so many gorgeous manicures on Pinterest that it's entirely possible that you might have a breakdown just trying to pick one to take to the nail bar. That's why we've narrowed that list down for you - here are our top 20 nail art picks for 2017.

© Pinterest
See album

What's your fave nail colour for this spring? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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