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The Beauty Brands You're Gonna Be Low-key Addicted To This Year

by Ursula Dewey ,
The Beauty Brands You're Gonna Be Low-key Addicted To This Year© Beauty PR Insider

Oh no. Just when we thought our addiction to beauty products had reached maximum capacity, we go and find a whole website dedicated to bringing the best rising stars of the beauty industry to our attention. From pore refiners to anti-agers that work a treat, complexion boosters and a new generation of beauty supplements, these are the products you'll shortly be swooning over in 2017...

We've discovered a brand new beauty site that's only got one objective in mind - bringing the best unknown beauty products to our attention. Beauty PR Insider was set up by Beauty PR Experts Kate Zadah and Natasha Green. Together they scan the globe far and wide to find the ultimate beauty brands that we NEED to know about. Whether they're big in Japan, a cosmetic surgeon secret or a future high street hit, this site only stocks and sells the most effective cosmetics.

Their brands might not be in your local Space NK, but if they're on Beauty PR Insider, the chances are they're about to hit the big time. We caught up with the founder behind the site, Kate Zadar...

Why did you decide to launch Beauty PR Insider?

Beauty PR Insider was born from the frustration of seeing so many incredible brands and product lines from all over the world that just weren’t available in my favourite department stores, or the high street. Maybe they weren’t ticking the right corporate boxes or were without big financial backing, but undeniably the products were phenomenal, and I knew beauty enthusiasts would love them, and should know about them.

For us at Beauty PR Insider, product performance and innovation is the most important necessity on our wish list. I suppose every girl’s dream is to get her hands on exactly what she likes, and Beauty PR Insider is like my own little beauty box – as well as hidden gems, we offer a selection of cult and iconic products that are incredible.

As a PR, it’s my job to operate as the go-between for brands, consumers and journalists, so in that position you get an understanding of what everyone is looking for; what makes a great story for a journalist, what makes an iconic or must-have product for a consumer and what translates well for brands wanting to communicate about what they’re offering –piecing together the parts of that triangle, we’re well informed.

What makes a stand out beauty product?

One that’s simple to use and immediately makes a difference! It’s hard to commit to a product that takes weeks of dedication and ritual before you see a result.

The first time I used the multifunctional Reload hair treatment spray by Napura – I knew I’d never stop using it! I felt the same way when I found HealGel Face, and Elethea Eye Architecture cream!

In a crowded world, I need a product to change my life, fast!

What products are you obsessed with right now?

Most recently, I’ve discovered a mineral foundation by Beautiful Movements, not only do I think it’s one of the best I’ve used, I’ve also received numerous compliments from friends about my complexion ever since. Another life-changer is the Cleanser 5 Gentle Exfoliant for home-use by Dermaceutic. It contains Glycolic acid, and I don’t start my day without it.

What can fellow beauty addicts expect from the site?

It's a destination decked with innovative, efficacious, unique and outstanding beauty products. They’re all hand-picked to suit every price point, and in many cases you’d be hard pressed to find these products anywhere else.

We keep things fresh by launching new brands and products each month; most recently we introduced Napura hair therapy to the UK. It’s a high-performance collection of detoxifying and anti-aging hair treatments from Italy.

This month we’ll be adding Strong Nutrients health supplements and Beautiful Movements mineral cosmetics to our product selection. We’ve also peppered our website with nuggets of expert insight on everything from the significance of an ingredient to the products that top make-up artists keep in their kits for the Oscars.

The beauty brands to fall in love with this year...

Strong Nutrients © Beauty PR Insider
Strong Nutrients
See album


Napura is dedicated to the health of your scalp and hair, treating it with the same attention as you might your face. Try their Purify Scalp Treatment (T | 1 Purify Pre) to detox your scalp from a build up of product - your hair will thank you for it!

Strong Nutrients

These health supplements from Strong Nutrients are unique combinations of specifically designed cutting edge formulas, sourced from the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Try the Sunshine Pill, packed with vitamin D3. Not everyone can take vitamin D so it’s best to check first – but it has the potential to change your world! We also ADORE the packaging. Love.

Beautiful Movements

​Beautiful Movements specialise in mineral make-up and perfect colour matching. All products in this line are mineral based and cruelty free, so there’s that feel-good factor as well as top quality formulations. Interestingly – this brand was co-created by a make-up artist and Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Meow!

Heal Gel

We've long been obsessed with HealGel. If you haven't tried it already it's about time you did. This potent formula was devised by cosmetic surgeons to assist with post surgery scars and healing. It helps firm, tone, even out skin texture and helps fight against the signs of ageing. Best of all? It works!


Elethea was developed by a bio-chemist and has some seriously potent formulations to tackle anti ageing. The range uses an exclusive Rift Valley Algae Complex found in East Africa it’s a revolutionary new skincare active ingredient that works at a cellular level to balance skin moisture and to regenerate and detoxify skin cells. Kate says, "Eye Architecture is one of the most effective eye creams I’ve ever used!"


Dermaceutic is a skincare line that's on the verge of cosmeceutical. It's favoured by thousands of aesthetic dermatology specialists throughout the world and has a problem-solution approach to skin. As Kate says, "It’s like sending your skin to the gym!"

Have you discovered any new beauty brands that you're in love with this year? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

** Dermaceutic at-home skincare will launch on Beauty PR Insider in February 2014**

Ursula Dewey
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