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7 Reasons To Try The Dr. Leah Bespoke Deluxe Luxury Facial

by Ursula Dewey ,
7 Reasons To Try The Dr. Leah Bespoke Deluxe Luxury Facial© Dr Leah

Dr Leah Totton won The Apprentice last year and her idea to launch quality cosmetic skin clinics on the high street is finally coming true. We went along to check out her flagship clinic and if you're going to stop by, here's 7 reasons why you absolutely NEED to try the Dr Leah Bespoke Deluxe Facial...

  1. · It's made just for you
  2. · It's totally painless
  3. · It's relaxing
  4. · It gives you results you can see
  5. · It uses cutting edge technology
  6. · There's no downtime
  7. · It's Dr Leah approved

Dr Leah's first clinic in Moorgate in London, is fast becoming a destination for aesthetic treatments and effective cosmetic solutions. From botox and fillers to peels, facials, rejuvenating microdermabrasion, phototherapy and liquid face lifts, there's plenty of choice.

The best thing is that you know each treatment has been chosen because of its effectiveness and safety, two things which Dr Leah cares about passionately.

If you're new to the whole cosmetic skin thing, and aren't ready to try something as drastic-sounding as a peel or an injectable, then the Dr Leah Bespoke Deluxe Facial is the best place to start for OMG results. Here's why you have to try it!

1. It's made just for you

Whether you're looking to reduce redness or fine lines, enhance skin texture or just give your skin a pre wedding or party season MOT, this facial involves an assessment of your skin's key issues and provides solutions.

During your consultation you'll be asked what you want to achieve from the facial, allowing Dr Leah and her team to tailor make the facial just for you. If you want extra bounce, less sag, fewer spots, a radiance boost or even good old exfoliation, all you have to do is ask.

2. It's totally painless

Some facials can be nice and fluffy and some can be downright painful, particularly those that are more geared towards visible results rather than relaxation. The great thing about this facial is that there's no ouch-factor. You can happily shut your eyes and let the facialist get to work on perfecting your skin without so much as a flinch.

3. It's relaxing

While there's no dimmed down lights or tinkly music, you can easily drift off on the comfy treatment bed, safe in the knowledge that your skin is getting whipped into shape.

4. It gives you results you can see

This facial isn't just about pampering though, it's about results. When we tried the facial it started with a cleanse, then a gentle diamond microdermabrasion to flush out the pores and get them nice and ready for the next phase.

This was followed by a burst of radio frequency to open up the pores and get the skin ready to receive an intense boost of skincare vitamins. Depending on what your skin requires each step will be adapted so you know you'll be getting exactly what you need.

We left the facial looking radiant, hydrated and glowing - and stayed looking fresh faced for a good week afterwards!

5. It uses cutting edge technology

One thing that Dr Leah cares deeply about, is using technology and products that actually work. During the Dr Leah Bespoke Deluxe Facial you can expect to experience radio frequency, microdermabrasion and different LED light therapy which has a multitude of benefits. From blue light therapy to help combat spot-causing bacteria to collagen boosting light, LED phototherapy can help all kinds of skincare complaints from scars to eczema to saggy skin.

This facial uses machines AND handy work and together they yield beautiful results.

6. There's no downtime

Post facial your skin will be clearer and will instantly look more radiant. You might prefer to go make-up free for an hour or two to let your skin chill out post treatment, but there's absolutely no downtime, so you can go straight back to work or out with friends, with everyone commenting on how dewy and fresh you look. Result.

7. It's Dr Leah approved

We were totally Team Leah during The Apprentice last year, and were literally punching the air when she won! As a cosmetic expert with a medical background and her unwavering commitment to excellence, safety and results (not to mention the fact she has amazing skin too) Dr Leah is exactly the sort of person you can depend on for more beautiful skin.

This woman wouldn't put her name on the facial for no reason, so you can be confident you'll be getting an expert approved experience that's unique to you. What more could you want?

The Dr. Leah Bespoke Deluxe Facial is £120 for 60 minutes. To book visit DrLeah.co.uk

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Ursula Dewey
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