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Permanent hair removal using electrolysis

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Permanent hair removal using electrolysis

Electrolysis is the most effective method of hair removal in terms of getting rid of unwanted hair for good. Here's our guide to it.

How it works
Electric epilation (electrolysis) involves burning the cells responsible for regrowth, one by one.

A fine needle is inserted right into the root of each hair and the heat emitted by a quick electric current destroys the follicle so that the hair will never grow back.

How to go about it
First of all you need to make an appointment with a doctor or trained therapist, give your medical history and have the hair you want to remove examined (this is sometimes carried out using a magnifying light).

The procedure itself involves inserting a very fine needle into the orifice of each hair. As a rule, an electrocoagulator is used, which is a high-frequency electronic device a bit like a pen with a needle on top.

The doctor inserts ths needle down the length of the hair to the root and the electric current destroys it. It is slightly painful and is usually carried out under local anaesthetic.

Further info
- Not all hairs grow at the same rate: some are still sprouting while others are visible. Electric epilation can only treat visible hair. After one session, any hair follicles which haven't been destroyed will continue to grow, which is why several sessions are required.

- The length of treatment depends on the area to be treated: around 20 minutes for the face and 2 hours for larger areas such as the legs.

- A session starts at around £25 (prices vary according to the type of machine used). When you have your initial consultation, ask for an estimate of how many sessions you will need.

- After a session, you might experience small scabs for 2-3 weeks and exposure to the sun is not allowed for a certain period of time.

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