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50 Excessive Jewellery Combinations We've Fallen In Love With

by Emmy Griffiths ,
50 Excessive Jewellery Combinations We've Fallen In Love With© WeHeartIt

The days of accessorising with a simple necklace, a ring and maybe a bracelet (if we're feeling daring) are OVER. It's time to adorn your outfit with so many trinkets that people can hear you and your jewellery approaching from miles away. We've had a look around and found the most stunning jewellery overloaded looks for your wardrobe.

This summer don't forget to overdo your jewellery. It might sound a little odd, but coupling up those shorts and vest top with dozens of stackable rings, chunky bracelets and necklaces is the ultimate way to have that trendy edge.

So whether your thing is layers of classic gold, slick silver or hippy chick semi-precious stones, blinging up your wardrobe has NEVER looked so chic.

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Emmy Griffiths
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