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Target Is Selling Sunhats That Look Suspiciously Like Nipples

by Helen Turnbull ,
Target Is Selling Sunhats That Look Suspiciously Like Nipples

Despite what the Great British weather forecast suggests, Summer officially starts on June 20 which gives you just over a month to sort your Instagram-worthy, season-appropriate wardrobe. While our styles will differ, every girl knows there's a list of essential items you won't be seen without come the sunnier days - one of those being the oversized sunhat.

Target are selling sunhats that look suspiciously like nipples and we can't help but wonder why the designers didn't spot this unfortunate faux pas before a Reddit user did. The American discount store have an ombre pink-topped, straw sunhat available to buy, as revealed by eddiehoaglund, and safe to say, the Internet is amused.

The Reddit posted shared a photo of the offending summer essential on the discussion website, alongside a caption which read: "I was shopping at Target when suddenly... nipple hat." While we can definitely see the comparison between the hat and human teats, we probably wouldn't have made it ourselves so thank you, Internet.

Have you ever spotted an item of clothing that looked suspiciously rude? Share them with us @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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