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Style advice for women with long legs

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Style advice for women with long legs

Is it really such a blessing to have long legs? A lot of women wish they had long, shapely supermodel legs, but on a day-to-day basis, how should you dress to emphasise gazelle-like legs? Follow our style guide.

Is it really such a blessing to have long legs? A lot of women wish they had long, shapely supermodel legs, but on a day-to-day basis, how should you dress to emphasise gazelle-like legs? Follow our style guide.

Style icons who make the most of their pins
These ladies have never-ending legs and know how to make the most of them. Even if they’re not necessarily femmes fatales, they exude sex appeal and class.

Cameron Diaz

The beautiful Californian keeps her legs in shape by surfing and wearing vertigo-inducing heels. The result is a pair of stunning, toned and tapered legs that Cameron puts on display whenever she can.

Julia Roberts

Although a body double was used for the “Pretty Woman” poster, the amazing legs seen in the film are actually Julia’s, and she's no need for a double with pins like hers. By no means used to showing off her body on the big screen, the mother-of-three owes her popularity to her talent, dazzling smile...and her long legs.

Kate Moss

Britain’s most famous model has used her long legs to her advantage in her modelling career, and she's not exactly short of work. Kate’s lengthy pins have helped her make big steps (in the non-literal sense!) in the modelling business, despite her lack of general height.

Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife has grown even more beautiful since their divorce. Not afraid of revealing her beauty, milky complexion and sublime legs, Nicole’s style is classic and studied, but she always puts her pins on show. With Oscar-winning roles and an ad campaign for Chanel, she's one of Hollywood’s top-paid women.

Audrey Tautou

The French actress, known for her roles in Amelie and The Da Vinci Code, has long, fine legs which are slightly knock-kneed. Audrey is a natural, uncomplicated girl but her legs have a statement to make. Floaty skirts, short dresses, heels or even jeans and a T-shirt, Audrey’s casual dress sense is as good as her red carpet look.

Smart shoes

  • Ballerina pumps
    These are shoes you can’t live without. In leather or any type of material, ballet pumps bring out the urban dancer in you and because they're so flat, they seem to knock a couple of centimetres off. Wear with jeans, black trousers, shorts or even skirts and dresses.
  • Round toe shoes with ankle straps
    With a round toe and often with a little heel, they minimise the arch for women who aren’t used to wearing heels. The ankle strap tends to divide your leg up, but it will balance out your figure if you have very thin ankles.
  • Mid-calf boots
    Flat with round toes, mid-calf boots are perfect for long legs.
  • Heels
    Even if your legs are over a metre long, you still have the right to wear heels! Especially if you have thick calves or ankles, heels are flattering. And since long legs often equal big feet, opt for round-toed heels.

Hide your long legs in...

  • Oversized jeans
    Small frames tend to drown in them, but with your giraffe legs, they fit you like a glove. You obviously don’t need to wear them with heels, so go for flat boots or ballet pumps. If you’re quite slim, go for unbleached oversized jeans that nip in at the waist. Real flared trousers that hug the thighs and flare out at the knees are more suited to women with a fuller figure.
  • A long dress
    Think Esmeralda and bohemian chic. Wear all white or, in the summer only, bold prints. Accessorise with jewel-encrusted flip-flops or metallic leather sandals for a cool, relaxed look. Go for ethnic jewellery, or gold bangles and hoop earrings.

Highlight your long legs in...

  • A cotton T-shirt dress
    Short, of course! You can slip into a very casual, simple T-shirt dress over jeans or leggings. Choose one with prints and bright colours like yellow or red. Wear casually with trainers or ballerina pumps in the day. In the evening, wear with heels and gold jewellery, especially 70s-style hoop earrings.
  • Leggings
    Extremely comfortable, these trouser-like tights (or tight-like trousers if you prefer!) can add a touch of modesty to less-than-modest skirts! Cotton leggings teamed with ballet pumps in the day and opaque lycra ones with heels in the evening will go with all your favourite skirts and dresses.
  • Cigarette trousers
    Just like those worn by Audrey Hepburn. High waisted, very narrow and quite short, they should reveal your ankles and be teamed with heels or ballet pumps. Up top, think minimalist: white shirt, cardigan or white cotton vest top. Don’t wear any over-the-top jewellery.

Dare to bare your long legs in...

  • Skinny jeans
    The narrowest of slim jeans. Very rock chic, they're great for fans of the all black look. Big hips can hide under a little romantic tunic. If, on the contrary, you have a slender figure, go for a man’s gilet over a short shirt or a T-shirt. Ankle boots or heels are de rigueur.
  • Shorts
    Wool or tweed ones for winter and denim ones for summer. If your hips are on the large side, choose short shorts to emphasise the length of your legs. If your hips are tiny, go instead for trousers that end midway up the calf and wear with boots.

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