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Every Type Of Person You See At Fashion Week

by Cliche Wynter ,
Every Type Of Person You See At Fashion Week© Getty

Fashion week kicks off today, which means people watching has fully commenced! With each passing season you can bet your sweet behind you'll see a ton of interesting folks; "interesting" being used modestly here. We promise you'll cross paths with at least one of the following people during your LFW escapades.

1. The newbie

The adorable newcomer to Fashion Week. They don't know where the check-in points are and don't know how to handle sticky situations (invitation being declined, etc.) They'll learn along the way though.

2. The super serious journo

You know, the one who doesn't give a crap what they look like. They just want to see the clothes and get an exclusive scoop? We dig and respect them entirely!

3. The hipster journo

The one who writes for some alternative lifestyle blog from underneath the covers in their Shoreditch flat, yet somehow managed to get invited to one of the most coveted shows of the season. They're impossible to miss. They sit there basking in their privilege as fashion starved writers seethe with jealousy.

4. The not-so-known celeb

Who wants to be known so, so badly.

5. The social media junkie

The one who took 45 minutes to get all dressed up, but couldn't take her eyes off her phone long enough to actually view the collection in real time. Social media waits for no (wo)man.

6. The A-list celeb

All the cameras start flashing as they show up 30 minutes late and everyone runs to try to get the first pic and quote. It's war!

7. The person wearing/doing anything to get attention

They'll literally walk out of the house rockin' their kitchen sink if it would get them snapped for photographers. ANYTHING for attention, dahhlings. It's Fashion Week.

8. The cool girl

The gal who everyone naturally gravitates towards.

9. The sophisticated editor

She's always so sleek and enviably chic. Homegirl has got it all down.

10. The show off

The one who has to flaunt all of their designer goods.

11. The vet who DGAF anymore


The one who has been to way too many fashion events over the years and is just not with the sh*t anymore.

Are you heading to Fashion Week? Let us know if you spot any of these folks. Tweet us @SofeminineUK

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