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13 Celebrities That Tried Their Hand At Fashion Modelling

by Lareese Craig ,
13 Celebrities That Tried Their Hand At Fashion Modelling

Fashion modelling is no mean feat but that didn't stop these celebs from striking a pose and strutting their stuff anyway. From Calvin Klein shoots, stripping down to their H&M undies and Abercrombie & Fitch campaigns, here's 13 celebrities that tried their hand at fashion modelling. And kinda aced it.

You'll never look at Ashton Kutcher the same way again.

Cameron Diaz

At the age of sweet 16 Cam began modelling and quickly got snapped up by Elite Model Management, which led to contracts with Calvin Klein and Levis. What a cutie.

Dakota Johnson

Before she loved ropes, whips and lifts she was actually quite happy with distressed denim from Mango. Who knew!?

Ashton Kutcher

Pecs + a series of seriously good wistful poses in the bag... Ashton was destined for an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign.

Channing Tatum

Lost. For. Words.

Jennifer Lawrence

These days she does Dior but back then she was happy holding onto non-designer trees and stuff. The photographer even compared her to Gisele. GIS-FREAKING-ELE. Totes a natural.

Lindsay Lohan

Aw, mini Lindsay. This reminds us of her Parent Trap days. What a film!

Charlize Theron

Her mum told her to enter a modelling contest in Johannesburg. And she won. Obviously.

Mark Wahlberg

He landed a 2 year contract with Calvin Klein back in 1992. But the tighty whities weren't enough to put him off a career in acting instead. Huff. On second thoughts, we forgive him purely because Ted is still one of our favourite films of all time.

David Beckham

Possibly the best career move he's ever made. He basically made white, crotch-hugging pants cool again and that my friends is a serious skill #dadsneverbeenhappier

And more recently The Beebs

Was it photoshopped? Wasn't it? There was A LOT of drama circulating around that CK package.

Angelina Jolie

Before becoming a Hollywood starlet Angelina dabbled with the idea of being a professional model. Is there anything that woman can't do?

Kate Middleton

Just when you thought there was only room for one Kate on the catwalk. Boom. Royal runway.

Sienna Miller

Boho even when in briefs.

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