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18 Curvy Women On Instagram Who Prove Big Is Beautiful

by Tolani Shoneye ,
18 Curvy Women On Instagram Who Prove Big Is Beautiful© gabifresh.com

Curvy girls are taking over Instagram and it's the best thing ever. These bombshells are unapologetically embracing their curves and inspiring full figured girls everywhere. So what are waiting on, get on Instagram and start following. NOW!

These plus size ladies are totally killing the fashion game. Not only are they showing that big is beautiful, but that it's also fashionable, creative and damn right inspiring too.

1. @gabifresh

Her unique, bold attitude to fashion is something that should inspire everyone. She’s one of the most influential plus size bloggers, and is all about taking risks and ignoring the fashion rules. She wears what she wants, when and how she wants. And to that we say GO GIRL!

2. @stephaniezwicky

Stephanie's Instagram is the epitome of beautiful, not only does it show off her amazing fashion sense, it's also full of stunning shots of food. Fashion and food envy all at one time - what more is there? She also lives in France so expect to see stunning shots of the Eiffel tower (and get hella jealous).

3. @nadiaaboulhosn

This girl is BAE! Nadia is queen when it comes to curvy fashion, she gets it right every single time. Not only is she stunning, her style is impeccable, and she is not afraid to experiment. We are literally obsessed.

4. @passionjonesz12

Her fashion and beauty looks will have you scrolling though her page for hours. She is also pregnant, so expect to see plenty maternity style inspirations.

5. @girlwithcurves

Tanesha's is the perfect example of chic. Her style is dressy and feminine, and her Instagram is filled with great looks to wear to the office or on a night out with the girls. Just look at how well she pulls off the cute flare dress.

6. @pinklip

Jay is not scared to try prints, colours and fabrics, the girl can even pull off a tutu, that alone is worth a follow. She is all about clothes that celebrate her curves, and her shoe collection is something everyone needs to see.

7. @amarachiukachu

Print loving Amarachi is a girl after our hearts. She proves that ladies with curves can and should go bold with fashion. She is one stylish lady, and also makes her own clothes.

8. @supersizemyfashion

Dionne is all about clean lines and a touch of colour or print here and there. Not only is she super stylist, she is also pretty funny. Her Instagram is filled with fashion and memes, as it should be.

9. @gisellafrancisca

Just look at the beauty. Gisella is great at pairing current fashion trends with her own individual flare. And of course she takes amazing selfies.

10. @nicolettemason

Nicolette's style is very vintage-inspired and a little glamorous pin-up girl, which we love. She’s the epitome of curvy chicness, and her recent wedding pictures fill us with envy.

11. @curvegirlchic

Fashion, food and beautiful views, what more could you ask for. We love how her style is simple yet stylish.

12. @calliethorpe

Callie is all about empowering other women and being positive about her body, which makes her great in our eyes. She also shops in Primark AKA the kinda of girl we want to be friends with.

13. @garnerstyle

Chastity lives and breathes fashion, and her Instagram proves it. She is a blogger as well as a stylist so her page is filled with inspiration and fashion advice.

14. @mariedenee

Big hair and big personality, Marie's Instagram is full of outfit and life inspirations. She is all about empowering other women, and we love a girl's girl.

15. @denisebidot

This stunning woman was one of the very few plus size women who walked in New York Fashion Week, for a lingerie brand no less. Her Instagram documents her life as a model with a few selfies thrown in. 'Cos why not.

16. @francelajohnson

We love how perfectly this lady rocks classics and basics. She is great at putting outfits together and has managed to nail the whole looking amazing without looking like she's put much effort into it thang. A skill we are still trying to learn...

17. @kellyaugustineb

This is one girl that knows how to wear a crop top. Her style is fabulous and daring, she's funny and has masses of self confidence. We need lessons on being this amazing.

18. @tessholliday

If you haven't heard of Tess, where the hell have you been. She is the worlds first size 22 model, and started off the #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram. She is the best, and a great example to us all.

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