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Hashtag Directory: What Instagram Slang Actually Means

by Lareese Craig ,
Hashtag Directory: What Instagram Slang Actually Means

You've only just got your head around the dos and don'ts of hashtagging: don't over hashtag, do hashtag (and massively brag about) the breakfast of champions you just demolished & don't ever, ever, ever use cringe/meaningless hashtags unless of course you're being ironic #iwokeuplikedis case in point. If you don't know your #FBF from your #TBT here's a breakdown of what Instagram slang actually means.


Translates to = What I'm Wearing Today.

Who uses it?

Mostly fashion bloggers/ fashionistas that wanna show the Insta world their outfits (and make us fellow females pine for all the clothes they have going in their lives).


Translates to = From Where I Stand

Who uses it?

Anyone who happens to be standing on a nice cobbled pavement/some Victorian tiles wearing equally nice shoes. It's not limited to fashion bloggers but you can see why they take the best FWIS photos. Swoon. Care to carpe the diem outta those heels?


Translates to = Outfit Of The Day

Who uses it?

Pretentious fashion lovers who exchange stylish outfits for likes. We're kidding, we're guilty OOTD-ers all day long. Looking hot today and want your ex to know about it? You know what to do.


Translates to = Instagram Style

Who uses it?

This one's not so hard to process. Anything and everything that's remotely fashion related, this hashtag pretty much covers it.


Translates to = Flashback Friday

Who uses it?

Everyone. That's who. If you're in possession of an oldie but a goodie/want to embarrass a friend on their 21st birthday now's the time. Note: People seem to ignore the flashback thing - if it's a pic from last Friday it kinda doesn't work by principle #sorrynotsorry #stopdoingit


Translates to = Throwback Thursday

Who uses it?

Same as above only this time you post the old picture, from a different ERA, on a Thursday not a Friday.


Translates to = Fashion Bloggers

Who uses it?

A cute community of fashion savvy Igrammers that wanna let fellow bloggers know that they're kind of a big deal. Basically if you want to join in with all the influential and budding fashion bloggers this is how it's done.


Translates to = Woman Crush Wednesday

Who uses it?

Every girl that's ever laid eyes on Margot Robbie, Candice Swanepoel & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Done.


Translates to = Reposting on Instagram

Who uses it?

Who doesn't use it? That's basically how the whole Instagram game works. See a good quote, screenshot and regram it.


Translates to = Nope you didn't just take a photo of a delicious, French looking pretty pastry dripping with jam. You saw it, you ordered it and you ate it. You hero you.

Who uses it?

You don't have to be a total foodie with a VSCO cam. If you ate it and loved it share the love so that we can all go forth and eat delicious food we never knew exisited. You're basically feeding the world.


Translates to = Nails Of The Day

Who uses it?

Manicure addicts and gals in search of some hot nail inspo.


Translates to = Photo Of The Day

Who uses it?

Legit photographers and anyone who happens to take a really nice, preferably arty photo. Reserve it for your best shots!


Translates to = When you do something that you should be judged for but it just feels that good that you just don't care.

Who uses it?

People who make it their aim to ignore calorie allowances and other impossible rules.


Translates to = Like For Like

Who uses it?

Enter Instagram - the funny world where we seek approval and validation from strangers. Basically, if you like a photo tagged LFL it means they'll like one of yours back/follow you. Do not get your hopes up. Followers can be fickle beings.

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