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5 Style Tips To Give You Killer Confidence

by Lareese Craig ,
5 Style Tips To Give You Killer Confidence© iStock

Now, we're not saying that what you wear defines you BUT, when it comes to giving you a much needed confidence boost, a killer pair of heels and some red lippy certainly doesn't hurt, amiright?! Here we dish out five need-to-know style tips for a more confident you! Prepare to meet your alter-ego... she's obviously fierce AF.

  1. · Heels that you can conquer the world in
  2. · A pair of glasses
  3. · A fitted jacket
  4. · Red lippy
  5. · A piece of statement jewellery

Heels that you can conquer the world in

Heels. We have a love/hate relationship with them. At the beginning of the night it's all about the love, but throw in the hours of dancing, stairs, walks/stumbles home and we are done. The answer? Find a comfortable pair and never let them go. Yeah sure, thin stemmy stilettos might totally deliver in the flawless legs league, however that pain? Somehow the injured Bambi look come 1am isn't quite as hot.

A strong midi heel is all the confidence (and balance) you need to nail that Single Ladies dance - I mean, what even is a night out without thinking you're Beyonce?!

A pair of glasses

Glasses are the ultimate underdog of all style accessories, so when it comes to choosing your perfect set of frames, take yo sweet time. Like eyebrows, glasses frame your face and are probably the first thing someone notices about you when they're having a conversation. Go sophisticated with some thick black frames or be adventurous and try something outside of your usual style remit - and if you don't wear prescription glasses, hell, why not get some faux frames for pure fashion goals anyway?

Why not try Transitions adaptive lenses? They adapt to light and therefore act as eyeglasses and sunglasses. Convenient if lunchtime Prosecco with the girls escalates well into the PM! Because naturally, it always does.

A fitted jacket

When we feel uncomfortable in ourselves, whether that be down to our weight, our skin or what's going on in our personal lives, we tend to reach for the more elasticated get-up. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Kinda like a baby wants food and a blanky in times of need, we want food and forgiving layers! But actually, we'll be far better off if we wear our body shapes loud and proud - that means ditching the swamping jumper and jogger co-ords.

If there's one style staple you need to go fitted with it's your jacket. Look for waist details such as a belt or buttoning to help cinch in your waist and create the illusion of those classic hourglass curves every gal wants. Uh huh honey!

Red lippy

Elizabeth Taylor once famously said, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some red lipstick and pull yourself together" and we couldn't agree more. Nothing makes you look pulled together even when you're not quite like a bright red lippy, even if you didn't get round to working on your outfit. A red lipstick (and love) is all you need!

A piece of statement jewellery

Now it comes down to those finishing touches, yep we're talkin' about the sparkly stuff! Rose gold is a big deal in jewellery right now, but if you're a silver girl through and through than stick with what you know and love.

Right now, minimalist rings and tiny, delicate necklaces seem to be having a Scandi moment and we're loving the smaller designs, but nothing's stopping you from going all out with a statement piece - Zara always come up trumps in that department!

Got any style hacks you use to feel confident? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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