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Penis Unicorn Leggings Are Here To Make Us Feel Less Than Horny

by Lareese Craig ,
Penis Unicorn Leggings Are Here To Make Us Feel Less Than Horny

We don't know if you've heard but everyone's a little bit obsessed with unicorns in every way, shape and form at the moment and we mean that more literally than you know. Like, every shape and form. As in male genitalia form. Yep, penis unicorn leggings are here to p*ss all over our libido.

So, before you think you had one too many tipples last night, you did indeed hear us right. Someone has printed a penises aplenty on a pair of leggings and dubbed them unicorn leggings, but what's the once innocent magic horse got to do with male genitalia?

Well, nothing really, other than the fact that 'peen-i-corn' leggings are colourful, mythical, oh and a word hybrid just so happens to be a fantastic marketing ploy. That said, we can't deny it doesn't a ring to it - the way it just glides off the tongue like that, it is satisfying but in the same breath, no, stop sexualising unicorns like this you are destroying My Little Pony for us.

But how much will a pair of these peeny pants set you back? You'll have to dig deep and cough up £33 to grace your crotch with a bunch of erections but at least you'll be well-endowed as well as skint.

You can get your hands and your nether regions on a pair right here.

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Lareese Craig
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