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If You Find Hairy One Piece Swimsuits Offensive, Look Away Now

by Lareese Craig ,
If You Find Hairy One Piece Swimsuits Offensive, Look Away Now

Just when we thought strange-but-true swimwear had reached its peak (we reference the one with a solo sleeve), the hairy one piece rocks up ready to squash that theory. Yep, that void in your vacation wardrobe? Apparently this sexy chest swimming cozzie is here to fill it.

Fashion just loves to push the boundaries of what should and shouldn't be worn in public and while we understand designers should have a degree of creative license when they're bringing their ideas to life, we can't help but ponder, how we got here? How did we get to a place so zany, that there's a gap in the market for hairy one one piece swimsuit? You're not dreaming, you really did just read that.

If you thought the Brazilian cut bikini was asking for double takes around the pool, then you stand corrected. There's a new offender on the block and it comes in the form of a man's hairy chest print stuck on a swimsuit. Think pre-wax Simon Cowell in Barbados.

Let us just try and decipher this news for a second: You're laying on the sun lounger, three quarters of the way through Gone Girl, sipping on your complimentary cosmo, when you spot a beige swimsuit complete with nips and a belly button hair line taking a dip in the infinity pool. You're not jet lagged, it's really happening.

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And it's not even a cheap prank because this swimsuit will set you back a hefty $59.95 (£47). We know, it's daylight robbery.

On the plus side, if you didn't want to conform to society and be a mermaid with a third degree wedgie when you're on holiday, then this could be a solid alternative. Let's face it, there's nothing like a hairy one piece to spice up the vacay spamming on Facebook is there?

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