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These Inspiring Women Are Flaunting The Bodies They've Been Told To Hide

by Lareese Craig ,
These Inspiring Women Are Flaunting The Bodies They've Been Told To Hide

U.S. clothing brand SmartGlamour is tackling body shaming one hashtag at a time with its inspiring #ImFlattered campaign. Despite being criticised for their outfit choices, these women are saying to hell with beauty standards by celebrating their beautiful bodies anyway - no matter what the size or shape - because even if society doesn't love 'em, we DO.

A U.S. clothing brand is tackling body shaming head on with its inspiring #ImFlattered campaign.

SmartGlamour posted a series of pictures on their Facebook page showing women with all different body shapes wearing all the clothes they've been told not to.

Embracing their 'flaws', the empowering women hold up the spiteful comments they've had to hear time and time again. From hiding their scars to covering their tummies and keeping their 'girls away', the body positive campaign is all about redefining the idea of what's flattering and what's not.

We've all been made to feel like we're not Victoria's Secret enough to wear certain fashion items before but no one has the right to dictate how you should feel about your own body except for you.

Owner and Designer Mallorie Dunn says, "Why do we think other people's appearances are up to us? Who do we think we are – judging, commenting, "advising" on what "flatters" someone? Perhaps – unless you are asked, it is better to keep comments on others' bodies to yourself.​"

Now you claim your confidence and you go buy that crop top 'cos nobody stopped Winnie The Pooh from wearing what the hell he wanted did they?!

Wanna know more about the campaign? Head over to the brand's Facebook page to and let us know your thoughts @sofeminineUK!

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