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Meet The Shibue: The Underwear That's Smaller Than A C-string But Every Bit As Horrendous

by Rose Adams ,
Meet The Shibue: The Underwear That's Smaller Than A C-string But Every Bit As Horrendous© Instagram

If you thought the infamous, tear inducing c-string was bad enough, then you ain't seen nothing yet. Meet it's even uglier littler sister, the Shibue. Wear if you dare to SERIOUSLY bare...

Please just flick me off this planet right now. My retinas are still recovering after ex-TOWIE couple Harry and Bobby paraded their bare butts in shlong thongs on the beach in Marbs, then the c-string for us ladies happened which, again, left very little to the imagination, then... then there was this.

Yep, we've now been offered another little treat for our lady parts, in the form of the Shibue. This barely there piece of lingerie makes the g-string look like a great big pair of granny pants. I'm all for innovation, but this is just madness.

The teeny, tiny Shibue claims to be 'more comfortable than a c-string', thanks to a strip of adhesive gel hidden inside it, rather than wire between your cheeks. This makes sure it's held in place, and doesn't make a leap for freedom whilst you're wearing it. Cos you know, that could be awks.

​Of course if you're due a wax but don't have time for an appointment, this could also be a solution for that dilemma too! Hey, this does seem a little more appealing than that mortifying fetal position they make you do *shudder*

The site claims "Shibues are being worn in the movies, TV, red carpet and even on the runway, and now they’re available for everyday!" - just the thing if you fancy an all day wedgie while you're sat at your desk.

So if you fancy making an unnecessary addition to your underwear drawer, then you can pick yours up here. Priced at £13.00, you can get a lot of butt for your bang. Tbh, I think I'd just rather the VPL...

Is the Shibue on your shopping list? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

Rose Adams
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