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Jeans With A Window To Your Butt Are The Rear View We Never Wanted To Have

by Lareese Craig ,
Jeans With A Window To Your Butt Are The Rear View We Never Wanted To Have

Ripped jeans are officially old news guys. Gone are the days of flashing your hairy knee caps, that kind of prudish behaviour just won't cut it anymore. No. Thanks to Vetements, we've got to make way for jeans with a window for your butt or else, risk being left behind forever. Cheers guys, the peach pressure is real.

Whoever said eyes are the window to the soul never anticipated that these jeans would exist, because a pair of jeans with a window to your butt is probably as naked as the truth really gets. And for that, we have Vetements to thank.

The anonymous design collective loved by fashion influencers across the globe have created a pair of high rise distressed jeans with a zip you can undo to reveal your butt. We tried to make it less weird but it's still weird.

#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @mytheresa.com @kevingiacco

A post shared by VETEMENTS (@vetements_official) on Apr 12, 2017 at 4:08am PDT

While there are many, many questions to address here, the one we're really baffled by (other than the general, what the F are we seeing here?), is this: what's to stop someone deciding to unzip your butt on your behalf? Let's say you bought the jeans to have options. One day you might want to give the world a window view to your butt, it was Friday. You were feeling fearless, OK. But come Monday you're like, no, today is a wrap the butt up in denim day. What's to stop someone from deciding that fate for you and unzipping you on the tube, after all, just because you have decided to shut up shop doesn't mean other people can't window shop. The zip is there for the taking. In fact, the zips go all the way down the back of the leg so, in theory, they're like the equivalent of wearing, well, nothing but a smile.

Shaving our knees for society clearly was not enough of a sacrifice, now we've gotta Veet our butts before we Even get dressed in the morning too? What. Ever. Next.


A post shared by VETEMENTS (@vetements_official) on Apr 17, 2017 at 1:42am PDT

Even if we don't wear them, we know they're out there, waiting to catch us off guard on the train one day.

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