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Caring for your perm

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Caring for your perm

Looking after your permed curls, waves and crimped locks ensures they remain light and bouncy. Here’s a reminder of how to look after your curls and flaunt a perfect perm!

What is a perm?
A permanent hair-curling technique (hence the name). It’s carried out by professionals in a salon.

The hair stays curled as long as it’s not cut. It can be touched up when the hair has grown back a minimum of 15cm.

Perming bleached, hennaed or straightened hair is a no-no, because the hair is too fragile.

How do you look after permed hair?
- Limit yourself to three perms per year
A well-done perm lasts for an average of three months. If your hair grows quickly, just get the roots redone between two perms.

- Wash your hair gently
Use a rebalancing shampoo to strengthen your altered hair shafts.

- Nourish your hair deeply
Use conditioning hair masks, because dryness is your hair’s worst enemy! Also try using masks that contain shea butter or soft almond: they’re ideal for frizzy or curly hair because they soften and hydrate.

How to maintain and structure your curls
For picture-perfect curls, opt for a volumising mousse to give your curls life and make them manageable so you can work on them.

Apply to clean hair for guaranteed zest!

You can also use booster sprays on a daily basis: apply them all over the hair to heighten curls. Depending on what you’re after, they can hydrate, nourish or add texture to your curls.

Perms damage your hair. False!
Perms pose no problem to normal or greasy hair. They can exacerbate dryness in dry or coloured hair. However, the products used nowadays contain a lot less ammonia and are much kinder on the hair and scalp than before.

The products used in perming irritate your hair. True!
It’s possible that itching or an allergic reaction might occur. Consult a dermatologist and inform him of the contents of the products involved.

You can't have a perm on very short hair. False!
A perm can be done on very short hair using rollers or tongs.

It's OK to get a perm before going on holiday. True!
Permed hair copes well with sea and sun. Use products that contain sun filters to avoid the drying effects of sun and salt, and use a repair mask after every shampoo so that your hair stays soft and supple.

Ready to roll!

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