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Important Lessons To Be Learned From Kylie Minogue’s Hair

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Important Lessons To Be Learned From Kylie Minogue’s Hair© Pinterest

Kylie Minogue is a pint-sized hot ass pop princess. How do we know she’s a princess? By her beautiful silken tresses of course. Kylie’s hair has always been one of the most sensational things about her (along with her voice, face, legs…actually pretty much everything about her is sensational). We have so much to learn from Kylie and her golden locks. Teach us Kylie. Teach us.

Kylie's hair on The Voice is forever flawless, so we got to thinking about the important barnet wisdom Miss Minogue can teach all of us.

Hats are never a mistake

If you ever wonder what to do with that collection of hats on the top of your wardrobe, stop right now. Look how happy Kylie is in her hat, and you can be too! Dust them off and prove to yourself and the world that your hat was a purchase worth having, rather than wearing it once, getting self conscious and hiding it.

No style is too outlandish

If you want to have multiple plaits with angel wings sprouting from your ears, then dammit you can do it! Own it girls!

Hair can add that crucial addition of height

If you’re a teeny weeny pixie like Kylie, just do what she does and sneakily build up your hair and pair with heels until you’re positively Amazonian.

Kylie Minogue wore her hair up with sunglasses so we put our hair up with sunglasses

Our ‘casual look’ tends to be an unstyled frizzy fringe and some serious split ends, but even when she’s not really trying Kylie looks glam by pulling her hair back and rocking those shades. Jel.

Headbands are not just for little girls

Thought headbands were just for kids? A trend that finished in the 90s? Think again. Kylie says they're hot. So they're hot. Right?

Anyone can channel their inner Marilyn Monroe

A few pin curls and some red lippy, and you will look just like Kylie! Only kidding - as if that's even possible!

The Stepford Wife look is sexy

Kylie's sultry pout and Elnett rock hair hair helmet are one fierce look. We're on board.

Perms belong in the past

Even Kylie left this look in the eighties. We thank her for her wisdom, because even Miss Minogue struggles pulling this look off!

Sometimes a big change isn’t a bad thing

Had the same hair colour all your life? Time to whip out that bottle of hair dye! As Kylie’s electric ginger locks taught us, there’s nothing wrong with going a little different from time to time!

Bandanas are cool okay?!

Bandanas will be back one day, and we’ll be in celebration mode because Kylie has shown us they can look good!

…As are braids

Don’t fancy putting your hair in a ponytail? Pop it in a slick plait! You’ll look so catwalk.

Hide that hair bobble!

Everyone knows an exposed bobble is a bad bobble (one day it will be a proverb, guaranteed). Fortunately Kylie has shown us the way of hiding it – just wrap some hair around there and no one will know! Genius.

Make your curls BIGGER

Have curled your hair ready for a big night out? Trust us, your hair isn’t curly enough. Make it curlier. Make it bouncier. Bouncier still. BOUNCIER WE DON’T CARE WHAT IT TAKES STOP CRYING.

Look like the princess you are

You can never go wrong with a classic do. Just let those locks flow!

Your hair can even look hot during exercising

As Kylie has shown us in her new video Sexercize, your hair can look fantastic even if you’re sexercising! Sorry, excercising.


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Emmy Griffiths
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