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This Mum Will Put Your Braid Skills To Shame

by Lareese Craig ,
This Mum Will Put Your Braid Skills To Shame

It's fine to go through life just about managing to scrape your hair into a pony, that is, until you have a little girl and she wants mummy to plait her hair. Every. Single. Day. Here's a woman that clearly needs no help in that department. She's basically Vidal Sassoon, you'll see.

Here's an Instagram mum that'll make your swear you're gonna get good at hair once and for all. Since starting up her account sweethearts_hair_design, Beth Belshaw's garnered 500K followers and you'll only need to take one quick look at her braids to see why!

From crazy good waterfall fishtails to the 'half birdcage braid', it's safe to say she's the envy of every parent out there struggling to pull a bog standard plait together for the morning school run.

The Staffordshire-based hair dresser has recruited her adorable daughters Abby and Baylee to model her creative up-dos and to help teach mums and dads how to braid like a boss. You hear that mum, it's not enough to be great with a nit comb anymore.

In fact, Beth's braids are such a big deal, she's even bringing out her own Sweethearts Haircare Range too. If it gives us cuter than cute ringlets like little Baylee then we are first in line to buy the lot.

And, for those of you that simply can't wait for her next Pinterest-worthy hairstyle to land on Instagram (by those we mean us), you can also learn to braid with Beth by tuning into her very own You Tube channel. We're already addicted.


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