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Should I cut my hair? 5 things to know before chopping your locks

by Cary Carr ,
Should I cut my hair? 5 things to know before chopping your locks© Getty

Thinking of cutting your hair? Before you take the plunge, put some thought into your decision. Not sure what questions to ask yourself? Celeb hairstylist Chaz Dean is here to help; he suggests you consider your face shape, hair texture and potential style before heading to the salon.

  1. · Take time to mull over the decision
  2. · Consider your hair texture
  3. · Decide how you’ll style it
  4. · Check out your face shape
  5. · You’ll look beautiful no matter what cut you choose

There’s all sorts of reasons for chopping off your locks. Whether you need a change after a bad break-up (been there!), are tired of all the work that comes with long hair, or are just dying to look like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lawrence (who isn’t?), a dramatic haircut might be your solution.

But before you grab those scissors, you’re going to need to consider a few key factors. Lucky for you, we caught up with celebrity stylist Chaz Dean to give you the need-to-know facts about joining the pixie club.

Dean, who has worked with a string of celebs including The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola, is based in Hollywood at his ridiculously chic salon. Here, he gives us the top 5 things to think through before visiting the salon.

1. Take time to mull over the decision

It’s important that you’re 100 percent sure about your choice to go short, says Dean.

“Definitely give yourself time prior and make sure you want to cut your hair,” he says. “Your hair will take time to grow back.” The average rate or speed of hair growth is about 0.5 inches per month, or 6 inches per year, meaning it’s going to take quite a bit of time until you see those long tresses again.

And while Dean suggests asking your hairstylist for their opinion on your style of choice, he reminds us that it’s ultimately your decision. “If you are happy with short hair and are set on it, go for it!” he advises.

2. Consider your hair texture

As Dean says, “Choosing a short hairstyle should be based not only off of your face shape, but your hair texture as well.”

While thin and straight hair work for cuts, he says, hair with a slight wave or texture can be the best since they require less maintenance.

Extremely curly hair, however, tends to behave better longer. It can look good short, but you’re going to need to get the right kind of cut. Consider getting lots of layers and thinning out the hair to make the transition easier to maintain.

3. Decide how you’ll style it

Think about the different looks you can create with your new short style. Swept back, deep side partings, quiffs and texture play are all possible with a shorter hairstyle - you only need to look at the likes of Carey Mulligan or Miley Cyrus to see how versatile short hair can be.

​Talk to your stylist to find out their suggestions for styling short hair - they've probably got a few ideas you might not have thought about.

​​One huge benefit to short hair is that it’s easier to style than longer locks. Dean recommends using products from his own line, such as the WEN Styling Crème, a heat protector and frizz eliminator, and WEN Nourishing Mousse, to style it.

“Put both on wet hair and let it air dry. It enhances your own natural look and gives you shine and extra body,” he says.

But Dean also notes that cutting your hair short won’t automatically make it healthier.

“Healthy hair starts at the scalp,” he explains. “As your hair grows in, you need to care for it to keep it healthy. The more lather, straightening treatments and hot tools you use, the more damaged your hair gets.”

4. Check out your face shape

If you have high cheekbones, big eyes or a strong jawline, Dean says a short haircut is for you. He says heart, oval and square shaped faces are the best for short cuts.

“Heart shapes are great with a short pixie cut or bob,” Dean says. “Oval shapes are great with a short shag. With square shapes, anything slightly asymmetrical is flattering.”

Not sure what shape your face is? Just ask your hairdresser.

5. You’ll look beautiful no matter what cut you choose

Okay, so this tip is from the sofeminine team, but seriously, in the end, your hair won’t define you. Even if you don’t have the perfect hair texture or face structure for a short haircut, don’t let your fear stop you from going for it. If you’ve been dying to get Lena Dunham’s exact cut since Girls first aired, then go ahead and do it.

Audrey Hepburn © Getty
Audrey Hepburn
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Having the same haircut your whole life is boring anyway! Us sofeminine girls have gone short, long, curly and even pink, and guess what? We rocked each look in our own unique way, and you can too.

So what’s the verdict? Will you chop your locks off? Tweet us @sofeminineUK.

Cary Carr
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