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The secret behind Kate Middleton's hair makeover

by Lareese Craig Published on 16 December 2013
The secret behind Kate Middleton's hair makeover© Getty

When Kate Middleton stepped out with a super glossy, hold-the-front-page hair do a few weeks ago we were we were all speed dialling our stylists. But it turns out a royal makeover doesn't come cheap! We've done a bit of digging and Kate's shiny tresses will set you back a pricey £600. That's a big-ticket barnet even for a Duchess!

If you've ever wondered how to achieve Kate Middleton's shapely tresses, perfectly structured and flicked in all the right ways, then you'll love what's coming next.

Turns out her newly trimmed, super glossy locks are the result of a six hour salon trip with Italian hair expert Rossano Ferretti. Flummoxed? You're not the only ones.

Her recent hair makeover sent ripples of jealousy across the sofeminine office and we're still not over it so when we discovered the secret behind her gorg brunette locks you can imagine the excitement. And yes, as it's Christmas we're willing to share!

Ferretti used his unique cutting technique dubbed 'The Method' to snip Kate's tresses into shape and get them back to their shiny best.

His new take on the invisible haircut involves quick upward snips into the hair rather than cutting horizontally and bluntly.

The speedy snips (roughly three per second!) are always in the direction that the hair naturally falls creating a textured finish with structure and sass aplenty.

He's already worked wonders on the likes of Angelina Jolie and even Pippa Middleton so it's no wonder Kate turned to his trusted hands to work away her greys.

Feretti says: "You cannot see the scissors when I cut hair- what you only see is the final product. In fact, you may not be able to tell what we’ve done but you’ll be transformed. Each section is different. One area of your hair falls in one way, another in a different way, so it is important to create a cut that makes the most of how your hair naturally lies."

The only draw back is the hefty £600 price tag that comes with the makeover but we'll gloss over that small detail for now.

Our verdict? Money well spent! Kate's well and truly back on our beauty radar - as if she ever went away.

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The secret behind Kate Middleton's hair makeover © Getty
The secret behind Kate Middleton's hair makeover
Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig - Published on 16 December 2013
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