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Spots, Puffy Eyes & Parched Skin: 10 Beauty Hacks To Hide A Hangover

by Lareese Craig ,
Spots, Puffy Eyes & Parched Skin: 10 Beauty Hacks To Hide A Hangover

Last night was a corker: you drank, you danced and topped it all off with a dirty but necessary kebab but now you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. And then some. How will you ever look and feel normal again? Time to clean up your act, start afresh and remove all evidence of last night's shenanigans. Here’s 10 beauty hacks for hiding a hangover.

  1. · Remove All Evidence
  2. · Rehydrate Your Skin
  3. · Conceal Puffy Eyes
  4. · Brighten A Dull Complexion
  5. · Deal With Alcohol Spots
  6. · Highlight Everywhere
  7. · Something Pink
  8. · Hide Bloodshot Eyes
  9. · A Hair Wash HAS To Happen
  10. · Wear Your Hair Up

That's a wrap! The party's over, it's the morning after and now you're in migraine central. How will you ever hide this hangover from hell? These beauty hacks should help.

1. Remove All Evidence

If you’ve committed the ultimate beauty sin and fallen asleep in a full face of makeup then you’re gonna need a deep cleanse and fast.

Removing all traces of party hopping is no mean feat so much so it comes in three stages: Taking the makeup off, cleansing and cleansing again. A bed rest in between is advisable.

Try something gentle like Garnier 2 in 1 to take off all traces of last night’s mascara and follow with a detoxifying cleanser such as Liz Earle’s Deep Cleanse Mask or Skin Glace.

2. Rehydrate Your Skin

Everyone knows alcohol and good skin don't mix. Even if you're lucky enough to escape the morning after breakout, your pores are bound to be feeling a bit parched. The key to hiding all signs of crappy skin? Rehydrate and rejuvenate.

Invest in an emergency moisturiser with hydrating properties such as the Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme. Pat it around your face paying particular attention to your sleepy peepers. Lightly tap your fingertips around your eyes to stimulate circulation. Hangover, what hangover?

You can also rehydrate from the inside out by stinking to juicy coconut water throughout the day. The natural electrolytes will give you all the moisture you need. Voilà

3. Conceal Puffy Eyes

You’ve had two hours sleep and now your peepers are seriously paying for it but it’s nothing a cold cloth and some cucumber slices can’t solve.

Put a muslin cloth in a Tupperware box and keep it in the freezer until crisp. Place it over your face and leave for 10 minutes, pressing it into your lids and under eyes to soothe away all signs of partying. Top that off by using the Garnier caffeine enriched eye roller to tighten and refresh.

You’ll feel good as new.

4. Brighten A Dull Complexion

So you've managed to dodge the alcohol acne but your pores are still feeling a little lacklustre. That sucks. BUT here's the good news: You can turn your complexion from drab to fab simply by using a brightening product. Jan Marini's C-ESTA Serum will Save. Your. Life.

It contains a unique formulation including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and DMAE that helps to lift, tighten, soothe and brighten dull skin. The C-ESTA serum also encourages increased production of Vitamin E - known for its moisturising and anti-ageing benefits.

Radiant glowing skin and no more vodka pores - we'll drink to that!

5. Deal With Alcohol Spots

Pesky pimples really know how to kick a girl when she's down. Half the time they're just dormant mounds that happen to feel like they're the size of the moon.

The trick here is to matte them out. Anything shiny will only make them appear bigger so avoid dabbing on anything dewy.

Use a concealer brush to do pin point concealing, that way you can avoid overpowering the skin with too much product. The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is your must-have for industrial concealing.

And finally, resist the urge to pick. Hangover spots don't stick around if you follow the rules.

6. Highlight Everywhere

You might not be able to undo the margaritas from last night but you can conceal their toil on your visage. Stick to a light-wear tinted moisturiser and highlight the rest. It's as simple as that. Go for a creamy highlighter, pinkish in tone to lift and lighten those darker areas. Done.

7. Something Pink

Soft corals and peachy rose tones will help get your sluggish skin back to its glowing best. Whether you choose to don a barely there lip tint or dustings of blush on your cheeks or both, people will ask you how you look so fresh faced. Little do they know you are secretly dying.

Benefit's Dandelion blush is perfect for putting the colour back in your apples! Go for mascara free lashes and a nourishing lip balm for a flawless daytime look.

8. Hide Bloodshot Eyes

Repeat the cold compress stage to reduce both swelling and redness or alternatively soak a muslin cloth in ice cold water and press. Next use a small dab of Hydracortisone cream on lids and the under eye to tackle any inflammation.

Try to steer clear of any harsh, dark hues when you're hungover. Go for something fresh and nude if you're going for eyeshadow and ditch the black eyeliner for blue as it will help brighten the eye.

Brightening eye drops or over the counter allergy drops will also help take down the redness and conceal all signs of that last round of shots. You know the ones you should have said no to.

Finish by curling your lashes and applying two coats of volumising mascara. Back. To. Normal.

9. A Hair Wash HAS To Happen

Showering on a hangover is one of the most stressful things in life. Ever. You’re dealing with hot and cold spells, dizziness and bouts of chundering but afterwards you feel like you’ve made 100% progress.

​Ain’t no getting rid of a hangover when you still look like Hagrid so man up and get scrubbing. Fresh tresses and a blow dry – no one will ever have to know you’re feeling beyond fragile.

You can even indulge in a spot of pampering with a Moroccan oil treatment. Over-styling and partying can be the ultimate recipe for a hair hangover so be sure to put the bounce back in your barnet with a nourishing mask.

10. Wear Your Hair Up

A fuss free fishtail or a messy top knot is the only way to wear your hair when you're struggling to stay awake. Keeping your locks off your face will keep your T-Zone spot free as well as giving you that wide eyed look.

Pair it a foundation free face and a bright red lip and no one will ever guess you're feeling anything but fresh!

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Lareese Craig
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