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Seeing Double! 10 Celebs And Their Doppelgängers

by Pascale Day ,
Seeing Double! 10 Celebs And Their Doppelgängers© Instagram

Some people have all the luck, in that they get to share an almost identical face with the likes of Brad Pitt and Rihanna. Just imagine it, looking like Rihanna - but without any of her money or singing voice. But while being a celebrity doppelgänger comes naturally to some, others pay big bucks to look just like their idols - with varying degrees of success...

One of the reasons we love celebs is because they're just so damn gorgeous. They are the beautiful people. And we admit it: we all have that one celeb that we'd secretly love to look like. Some people are lucky enough to naturally look like their favourite celebrity, and of them we'll be forever jealous. But others love these beautiful celebs so much that they'll do anything to look like them - literally anything. From low-key adjustments like wigs to hardcore facial surgery, some fans will literally do anything to look like their idols. We have seen tragic consequences, and we have seen unexpected results that are just plain bizarre.

So whilst some are lucky enough to become, say, Kylie Jenner with a simple slick of lipstick and some hair dye, others may have gone to extreme lengths to get a celebrity makeover, one thing is for sure: these celebs have got a serious case of #twinning going on.

Check out these celeb doppelgangers:

Angelina Jolie © Getty
Angelina Jolie
See album

Are you a celeb twin? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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