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Be The *Belle* Of The Ball With This New Beauty And The Beast-Inspired Nail Polish

by Rose Adams ,
Be The *Belle* Of The Ball With This New Beauty And The Beast-Inspired Nail Polish

Hands up who's excited for the hotly anticipated Beauty & The Beast movie starring Emma Watson? That's all of us then. But if the long wait until March fills you with pee-your-pants dread, we've got some Belle themed beauty news that's about to make it a whole less painful - and a whole lot prettier too!

If there's any of you out there who are willing to admit you didn't grow up wanting to look like Belle from Beauty And The Beast, you're probably telling porkies. With her ethereal good looks, glossy locks, and glowing skin, she represents the ultimate in (unattainable *sob*) beauty goals.

But unfortunately for us normals, when it comes to emulating the look of this princess, a satin yellow ball gown, bright blue bow and glass stilettos isn't the most practical every day getup. But thanks to the beauty world, there is a now a piece of the Beauty And The Beast look coming that can actually work for us fans - even in the office!

The good news is all thanks to nail polish giant Morgan Taylor and their sister brand Gelish Gel Polish, who have announced a Beauty and the Beast-inspired collection hitting the shelves in February 2017. Popsugar revealed the Fables & Fairytales collection will feature seven shades that all reference the Disney classic, such as 'Be Our Guest' 'The Last Petal' 'Gaston and On,' and 'Pots of Tea.' FYI all shades will be available as both regular nail varnish and gel polish variations. The only serious gripe we have is that the collection will only be launching in the US *sniff* which means we'll need to chat up any pals we've got over the pond to get ordering for us.

Taking inspo from the revamp of the classic animated Disney film starring the brilliant Emma Watson and hitting the checkout just in time for the movie's release in March (don't make us wait that long!) one of the shades in the collection 'Enchanted Patina' is apparently an overlay coat that changes the colour beneath it to look more 'antique,' tying in with the film's Baroque theme, which can also be worn on its own.

Magical manis? Be. Our. Guest! Morgan Taylor polishes are £9.95 each and will be available online from February 2017 at Sally's.

Are you excited for the launch of this collection? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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