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Why Oh Why Are Beauty Vloggers Using CONDOMS To Apply Their Makeup?

by Helen Turnbull ,
Why Oh Why Are Beauty Vloggers Using CONDOMS To Apply Their Makeup?© lailatahri/Instagram

Condoms - the sheath-shaped rubber sock used during sex to reduce the probability of pregnancy and STIs - are the latest must-have make-up bag item, according to a handful of beauty vloggers anyway. Yes, the humble 'Johnny' is enjoying somewhat of a revival thanks to this 'handy' hack which claims to make for smoother make-up application. We're as intrigued as you are.

Remember Silisponge? A quick Google will tell you it's a breast-implant-like version of the original beautyblender that makes wasting your precious products a thing of the past due to its slippy silicone surface. While beauty bloggers and vloggers everywhere were quick to herald the Silisponge the latest hero product, one frugal beauty boffin has invented a cheaper, DIY dupe.

A video posted by LAILA • TAHRI (@lailatahri) on Feb 5, 2017 at 10:02am PST

Enter: Laila Tahr - the talented makeup artist who will forever be remembered as the girl who 'sexed' up our makeup routines with the addition of the humble condom. The first step is to de-lube the latex love glove by giving it a good wash all over before stuffing in your beauty blender and squirting your foundation onto the smooth surface. Leila's thinking behind the unique technique is a matter of simple science and/or logic - the rubbery texture creates a slippy barrier (much like its intended use does) between your foundation and the all-absorbing sponge, meaning much less product goes to waste.

Laila explained: "I came up with this idea because I love using a sponge. But it absorbs so much product. With using the condom around it HAHA it doesn't absorb any product and it applies super smooth," as she shared a tutorial of her homemade hack.

But Laila isn't the only keen inventor among the beauty-blogging community with Itzayana Lizbeth offering her own take on the condom craft. Itzayana - of Beauty Vixxen - uploaded a tutorial to her YouTube channel before Laila, showing her filling a condom with lotion to fashion a squidgy beauty applicator out of the two everyday items and the results are pretty flawless. See for yourself in Itzayana's condom tutorial below.


Will you be giving your beauty blender a condom coat? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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