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Queens Of Contouring! 20 Before-And-After Pics That Show A Little Sculpting Goes A Long Way

by Pascale Day ,
Queens Of Contouring! 20 Before-And-After Pics That Show A Little Sculpting Goes A Long Way© Samer Khouzami Instagram

Long before YouTube makeup tutorials ever existed and before anyone had even uttered the words "Kim Kardashian", the only way to get yourself decent contour was through the use of plastic surgery. But thanks to those beautifully blended smudges, we can now all get Victoria's Secret cheekbones with the swipe of a stick. And here's a handful of the most amazing before and after makeover pics to prove it!

For a while now the interweb has been abuzz with a certain beauty trend - and I reckon you can probably guess what it is. Yes, contouring is the new technique that's a borderline fetish for most beauty bloggers. The idea is simple: Thanks to a few dark streaks placed strategically on your face and a whole lot of blending, you can get a slimline nose, defined cheekbones - even a faux boob job, if you so desire. And the true test of a good makeup fad? The celebrity endorsement.

​We know the queen of all things beauty, Kim K, is a big fan of the contour - just check out how dedicated she is to the makeup trend that inspired her to follow in Kylie's footstep and launch her own KKW beauty range:

All it takes is a few brush strokes...

The love for contouring doesn't seem to be losing momentum, and when you see the full effect of the makeup technique it's not hard to see why the look continues to go from strength to strength. While we here at SoFem think all women are beautiful as they are, there ain't nothin' wrong with adding a little sculpture to your face. As many YouTubers have shown us, you can add contouring to any part of your face, including the temples, eyes, mouth, chin, cupids bow, philtrum and, more traditionally, the cheekbones. But it's a little trickier than simply drawing a line on your face and smudging it in. You need to pick the right shade for your skin and have the ability to create a natural blend. Makeup artist Samer Khouzami has become the true king of contouring thanks to his amazing Instagram posts of how his technique can truly change your face. Check out some of his best looks below:

Contouring © Samer Khouzami Instagram
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