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People Are Getting Fake Rainbow Freckles Tattooed On Their Faces To Celebrate Pride

by Lareese Craig ,
People Are Getting Fake Rainbow Freckles Tattooed On Their Faces To Celebrate Pride

Last year Topshop's freckle pencil burst onto the scene, allowing those of us who haven't been naturally blessed with cute beauty spots to replicate the look. But a temporarily drawn on freckle is one thing, getting them permanently inked on your face is another.

The natural quirk often associated with redheads and sun-chasers has been both endearing and dividing people for years. Chances are if you were a kid with freckles, you would have been the subject of one too many spotty face jokes. Fast forward a few years and they're so en vogue, people want to pay £200 to get them tattooed on their face to achieve the much sought-after 'natural' look, with some opting for rainbow colours to mark Pride month. Yes, please do embrace your natural beauty but first spend £200 getting freckles tattooed on your face before you do that, ok?

Drawing on beauty spots is nothing new - s/o to the OG and master of sexy moles Marilyn Monroe - but we're struggling to see how tattooing something that was not naturally on your face before can create a natural look, but maybe we're missing something.

Rainbow freckles © Instagram
Rainbow freckles
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The process is similar to the microblading trend we saw take over our brows in 2016, only this procedure involves adding a scattering of pigment all over the face and in the areas we'd naturally get freckles.

So for anyone who's always dreamed of having a freckly nose, a quick trip to the tattoo parlour is all you need, 'cos 2017 is productive like that. And it's not just reserved for freckle-free faces, people who want to enhance the freckles they already have to make them pop all year round are getting them done too. Hell, if you really get the tattoo bug you might even want rainbow coloured constellations - the world's your oyster. Just know that however you come - freckles or no freckles - your natural beauty is enough.

What do you think of freckle tattoos? Just a bit of harmless beauty fun or two steps back for the natural beauty and self-love movement? Let us know! @soFeminineUK

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Lareese Craig
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