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SoFeminine Experts Club Beauty Product Reviews: How To Get Involved

by Lareese Craig ,
SoFeminine Experts Club Beauty Product Reviews: How To Get Involved

Hold up. Free beauty products? Erm, hell yes to that. The SoFeminine product reviews are all about putting the latest beauty must-haves and cult favourites to the test, to see if they really do match up to our expectations. So if you're a self-confessed beauty junkie and you love a freebie then we suggest you sign up to our Experts Club ASAP. But first, here's a little 101 on everything you need to know about our brand-new product reviews work!

  1. · Register to take part!
  2. · Experts are selected
  3. · You're invited to review the product
  4. · Don't forget to follow us!

Introducing Experts Club - SoFeminine's brand new destination for tried and tested beauty product reviews. Here you'll be able to register to become one of our very own dedicated experts. So what's the catch? There isn't one, you simply sign up to become a product tester, review the product on SoFeminine's Experts Club page and then come back for more tests and more free products! So what are you waiting for? Get. Involved. Now.

1. Register to take part!

The Experts Club is now live on Sofeminine! To sign up to become one of our product testers, simply click 'Take Part' on one of the latest tests and fill out the form for your chance to be selected as a product tester. You can go straight to the Experts Club page by clicking here.

2. Experts are selected

We choose the experts that are going to receive and review the product and we'll notify you via email. So keep checking to see if you're one of the chosen ones.

If you're not selected this time round, don't worry - there's plenty of opportunities to be involved in the future. All you've got to do is come back and make sure you sign up for the next live test. Happy days.

3. You're invited to review the product

After you've received the product you'll be invited to give your opinion. This will then be published on the Experts Club page. FYI - the more product tests you sign up for and the more reviews you leave on Experts Club, the more likely you are to be picked for product reviews again in the future. Sounds good right?

Don't forget to follow us!

Remember to follow us on social media to keep up with all our latest product reviews. Like our SoFeminine Facebook page and follow us on Instagram so you never have to miss out on any Experts Club news!

Lareese Craig
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