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Want to know the secrets of perfect eyeshadow? There's an art to colouring your eyelids! Here's our guide to getting starry eyes without going over the top.

The right tools

Use a foam applicator that works with the texture you use, a brush made of natural hair to shade and your fingers for dabbing!


Use powder for matte eyelids and cream for shiny eyelids. Use more than one shade to layer and play with your colour and shine, by all means mixing matte and pearly textures. And the latest reflective eyeshadows containing pigments mixed with ultra fine glitter can make your eyes shine like stars.

Colour: Either complement for a harmonious look or contrast for a dazzling effect.

Blue eyes suit earthy brown, smoky grey, soft pink or green khaki for daytime, and jet or off black for night-time drama. Turquoise and electric blue are on trend too.

Green eyes suit browns, copper, gold and purple. Avoid bright green that will kill the green of your iris.

Brown eyes suit any colour, but taupe, brown, khaki, bronze and blue are fab for reinforcing the darkness of your eyes. Shimmering pastels in mauve and light pearly shades lighten your look.

Technique: Tap a light, neutral shade over the base of your eyelid, then apply a darker colour to the far corner of your eye and blend outwards. Finish with a light touch on the inside corner. To widen your eyes, apply white under your eyebrows. Make your eyes stand out by applying a touch of shimmer to the middle of the upper lid close to the eye lashes.
If you like light colours and shimmer, go for creamy iridescent shadow. Apply a little soft colour to your lid and blend in with your finger. Don’t overload your lid, unless you're after a metallic look.
If you prefer a velvety finish, apply a shade of powder and play with layers. Close to the lashes, like eye liner, apply a darker tone with a brush, then add softer colour to your lid, blending with a foam applicator.

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