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How to conceal spots

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How to conceal spots

On the odd (or frequent) occasion, a monstrous spot in a particularly prominent place can make you want to run away and hide. You want to get rid of it as fast as possible, but proper spot camouflage is a tricky operation...Here's our blemish-busting plan of attack.

1: Cleanse the spot

Before camouflaging a spot, you need to clean it. Use a drying serum to clean the affected area and isolate external bacteria.

2: Use light foundation

Foundation is meant to even out your skin, so make sure you're using a liquid foundation for greasy skin to help camouflage small imperfections, and use dermatologically-tested antibacterial make-up.

If your skin is prone to acne, tinted moisturiser is preferable to classic foundation, which is too opaque. Tinted moisturiser corrects imperfections, evens your complexion out naturally and helps stop the appearance of spots.

And use cleansers designed to help prevent and remove blackheads to unclog your pores.

Our tip: Don't be heavy-handed! Too much make-up doesn't hide spots: it only makes them more visible.

3: Conceal with care

Concealer sticks are a must for making small spots or blemishes invisible.

The trick? Counter imperfections with green, which makes your skin tone colder and neutralises red. But just daubing green on your skin won't achieve much: you need to mix it with a little under-eye concealer or foundation to get a natural hue that will mask your spot.

Application: Apply a small amount of well-blended concealer mixture with a light hand. Rub in with a finger and then remove the excess to avoid overkill. Beige also covers spots well. Tinted corrector pencils and under-eye concealers are also really handy - no mixing required!

4: Set with powder for a finishing touch

Powder evens out your skin and sets concealer, so don't forget the finishing touch! Apply just a small amount to prevent make-up from deserting greasy skin.

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