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You'd Be *Marbles* Not To Try This Easy Peasy Nail Art Tutorial

by Rose Adams ,
You'd Be *Marbles* Not To Try This Easy Peasy Nail Art Tutorial

Hands (and fingers) up if you're an avid follower of the #manimonday search on Instagram, forever pouring over unique nail art designs? You're not the only one - we're currently crazy for the lit marbled mani. But is it just us or does it never turn out how like it looks on Instagram? Well now there's no need to wonder how such greatness is achieved, cos we've got the secret. And it lies within this simple tutorial...

Beauty addicts, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months you'll have heard about the super cool print everybody is going erm, marbles for. Yep, the ever coveted print has been spotted on multiple items in our wardrobe from phone cases to ipad sleeves and handbags. It's BIG news basically, and we can't get enough.

As with any cool af arty print, the trend has made its way to our nails and we are all for it. But as with the majority of new beauty trends, when it comes to trying it ourselves it never quite turns out the way it looked on social media. Until now that is, cos we've found the perfect hack to create that speckled marble look you desire without even smudging a digit.

​Give it a go and everyone will be marvelling at your masterpiece before you know it. You're welcome!

Try it for yourself and show us how you get on @SoFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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