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National No Make-Up Day: Could you go bare faced?

by Ursula Dewey ,
National No Make-Up Day: Could you go bare faced?

It's National No Make-Up Day - but would you dare to go bare-faced for a day?

National No Make-Up Day: Could you go bare faced?

According to a survey by The Vitality Show, 70% of women wouldn't feel confident going to work without make-up, and 64% found the concept of going bare-faced more panic inducing than public speaking.

So to make-up or not to make-up? The sofeminine team talks it out!

Let us know what side of the make-up debate you fall on.

Ursula, Fashion & Beauty Editor

As you may expect, as Fashion & Beauty Editor, it's safe to say that I don't leave the house without some form of make-up.

A touch of lipstick, a slick of eyeliner or lashings of mascara are the absolute minimum when it comes to facing the world - even when popping out for milk. I've even discovered which mascara to wear when surfing.

Being without make-up is, for me, unthinkable. The collection of lipsticks I have in my bag and the emergency touch up kit in my desk draw are testament to my beauty addict tendencies. And I'm not ashamed to say how important a part it plays in my life.

I have spare make-up bags hidden in key locations; at my house, my work and my boyfriends, and if my make-up is substandard, I'll risk being late rather than turn up with less than my prerequisite amount of make-up, and I know I'm not alone.

For me and many of my peers, it's about making the best of what you've got and making a good impression. I wouldn't wear make-up if it didn't make me look like a better version of myself.

I think make-up makes you look more put together and makes you feel better about yourself. I've always associated make-up with glamour and professionalism, especially when working in fashion and beauty - it's an expectation to wear make-up to some degree.

I try not to use make-up as a mask, and never wear excessive amounts - but wearing it definitely gives me more confidence and that's something I'm not prepared to give up for National No Make-Up Day.

I also believe that make-up can be a great way to channel your creativity and I always keep an eye on the upcoming make-up trends. Make-up can be playful and fun, and is in my view one of the perks of being a woman.

And while I think it must be rather lovely to be blessed with the kind of natural beauty that doesn't need make-up, I'm realistic in that I need a little extra help. Some people could call it vanity, but my earliest memories are watching my grandmother and my mum 'doing their face' in the morning, so wanting to look my best is second nature to me.

While National No Make-Up Day is focusing on inner beauty, which is all very commendable, for me, there's no need to look less beautiful in order to appreciate it.

Anna-Belle, Editor

I love make-up but I don't always wear it. For me make-up is also about improving on mother nature - wearing it can improve my mood, give me more confidence and even make me feel sexy.

But if I'm going for a run, or a surf or just visiting family then chances are I won't have bothered to paste my face on.

I might wear jewellery instead but quite often if I'm not in the mood to do my make-up then I also won't have done my hair or be wearing anything particuarly stylish either...

Really it comes down to laziness.

A full face of make-up can take me up to 30-minutes if it's for a special occassion and will include primer, highlighter, shading and all sorts of things most women would never bother with. I love the process of getting ready so much that I even have a sideline in wedding hair and beauty!

However my normal morning routine for work is a paltry 5 minutes. Foundation, eyeshadow (sometimes), mascara, eyebrow pencil, blusher.

I hardly ever wear lipstick because I hate having to reapply all the time.

At the weekends and when I'm not "on duty" then a face full of factor 50 is about the only concession I make to a beauty regime.

I try to be outdoors as much as possible when I have time off and there's something really nice about being bare faced and surrounded by nature. I guess I'm a bit of a hippy at heart.

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