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This 11 Year Old With A Rare Health Condition Is Owning The Beauty Blogging Game Right Now

by Pascale Day ,
This 11 Year Old With A Rare Health Condition Is Owning The Beauty Blogging Game Right Now© youtube/nikkilily

Nikki Lily is a beauty blogger with over 34,000 followers and 2 million YouTube views. Jealous yet? The 11 year old has a rare condition that affects the veins in her face, and has been garnering serious attention online for her inspirational videos and contagious positivity.

Not many of us can say that by the time we entered secondary school, we already had two million people hanging on to our every word. The same can't be said for Nikki Lily, who has just that. Nikki is a beauty blogger with a difference: she has a rare condition called Arteriovenous malformation - AVM for short - which causes an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins, leading to extreme swelling on Nikki's face. At the moment there is no cure for the condition, but that hasn't stopped Nikki from making her beauty tutorials and amassing a whole bunch of fans in the process.

Not only is Nikki gorgeous, but she's hella wise too. She's made some videos which also cover her medical story, explaining to her viewers what her medical condition means for her. She says in one: "you can either be negative and not enjoy life, or you can be positive and block out all of the negativity and live a lovely, healthy, happy and joyful life." TOO TRUE, NIKKI. As well as that, Nikki has her own charity, Butterfly AVM, which has raised over £160,000 for the cause.


Nikki's videos are the stuff of a beauty blogger's dreams - she only uses the finest products, including Urban Decay, Revlon, Mac and Too Faced, which is a makeup drawer we're totally envious of.

You can check out one of Nikki's beauty tutorials below. But be warned: she's a total pro.


Do you love Nikki's videos? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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