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Tried & Tested: Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker Lipgloss

by Lareese Craig ,
Tried & Tested: Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker Lipgloss

Lipstick can be a bit of a let down on a night out can't it? Instead of sipping on your mojitos without a care in the world, you find yourself dabbing at the corners of your mouth and sucking at your teeth all night. But lipgloss, lipgloss is the underdog of planet pout. It stays put, it behaves - hell, it even tries to get our hair involved in the action sometimes. So, how does Soap & Glory's glossy offering score on the beauty board? Let's pucker up and see shall we!

  1. · Lareese - Editor
  2. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  3. · Helen - Social Media Editor
  4. · Rose - Social Media Assistant

Lareese - Editor

Let's start with a confession: I don't tend to trust myself around lip products, unless said lip product is colourless and doesn't taste too strongly of strawberry or something else I'm likely to want to chew off by the time that 3pm snack attack hits. You could say I'm a bit of a lipstick commitment-phobe actually. Other than the helpful fact that I have impossibly small lips, I just don't feel ready for a whole 8 hour day at work checking, smudging and reapplying the stuff - I'm just not there yet. Lipgloss however - hey new best pal. It's easier to apply without a mirror (winning) and it stays put for longer. It's also not as in ya face as a lipstick can be.

​Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker lipgloss is dead easy to apply thanks to its smooth formula - none of that whole I need to bathe my lips in coconut water for four hours drama you get with the matte lipstick culprits. We've all been there! The colour and shine is subtle and wearable while the lip pluming technology helps to add a touch of volume to us small-lipped gals. From one makeup commitment phobe to another - this one's a keeper!

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

I’ll be honest, in general, I’m much more of a lipstick gal than a lip gloss. I just have too many memories of thinking it was a good idea to wear sticky sparkly lip gloss to high school in the 00’s and spending the best part of my break times removing my carefully straightened hair from my lips. This was back when eyebrows were thin, side fridges were BIG and the only person who actually chose lipstick over lipgloss was your mum.

Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss glides on smoothly without that old-school sticky feeling and contains some clever lip-plumping technology that makes your lips feel fuller. I love the shade Down & Dainty which is a perfect pinky colour with just a little bit of shimmer. Now I’m walking round with a perma-pout and a new outlook on the world of lip gloss.

Helen - Social Media Editor

Now that I've graduated from the school of Kidulthood to Adulthood, lipgloss has no place in my makeup bag but Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker offering is far more sophisticated than the glittery Claire's variety every British high school-girl applied relentlessly way back when. It's much easier to apply than a bold lipstick, sliding onto your lips ever so smoothly and for the haphazard-handed (myself included) that can only be good news. The magic lip-plumping formula is an added bonus, keeping its promise to bless you with the pout you've always dreamed of without having to put yourself through the pain of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. As well as transforming you into a Sexy Mother Pucker, the product also soothes the lips so you can finally get rid of the 10 lip balms lurking at the bottom of your handbag.

Rose - Social Media Assistant

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that lips are huge right now. Like, literally huge. I mean, have you seen the Kardashian's pouts lately? Of course you have, they are impossible to miss. But with the stratospheric rise in popularity of lip filler, we are all seeking a more natural, pain free, and more importantly temporary luscious lip fix. And I have found it in Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker lipgloss. It glides on like a dream, which makes it perfect for applying on the tube might I add, and plumps the lips beautifully without leaving you looking like a human puffer fish. This is my new makeup bag essential and I've already purchased one in every shade; cos you've gotta have one for every handbag right?

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Lareese Craig
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