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Tried & Tested: The 5 Minute Facial In A Bottle

by Lareese Craig ,
Tried & Tested: The 5 Minute Facial In A Bottle

Hey dull skin, howya holding up there hunz? We thought as much. If you're anything like us, storm Doris (or Ellis, whichever one we're on now) has wreaked havoc with our skin. One minute it's raining, the next it's glorious spring sunshine and the pancake situation didn't help matters either. Our skin is officially asking us to send in help asap - let's see if we can find it in the form of a five minute facial in a bottle by Exuviance shall we!

  1. · Lareese - Editor
  2. · Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor
  3. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  4. · Pascale - Staff Writer
  5. · Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Seasons, who'd have 'em? Our complexions are more confused than Winona Rider's face at the SAG Awards right now, and we put it down to a mixture of the British elements - and maybe one too many pancakes but we'll gloss over that one.

Desperate to salvage any radiance and suppleness left, we tried and tested this very convenient five minute facial in a bottle by Exuviance. Let's see if it it gets us back to our glowing best.

Lareese - Editor

I'm a sucker for a facial anytime of the year, any day of the week, so a facial in a bottle is my idea of hip happening heaven. The serum texture feels light on the skin and hydrating from the very first application. I suffer from lacklustre, congested skin thanks to the commute into London every day, so using this product when I get home really helps to detoxify and energise my complexion again. The self-activating bubbles instantly revive your complexion and gently restore all sense of calm for stressed out skin. If you're after a little slice of spa-day luxury from the comfort of your own home, this is it!

Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor

Facials are the holy grail of luxury beauty products and I can only pray that one day in this life I’m able to afford to pay someone to wash my face for me twice a week but until then, Exuviance’s Bionic Oxygen variety is a very good spa substitute. The £60 product claims to be as effective as a clinic equivalent of the same price and I’m happy to report there’s no false advertising. It has the initial feel of an expensive cleanser which froths into tiny bubbles as you massage it into your face before drying clear - a very satisfying sensation thanks to the cucumber extract cooling agent. I used the ‘facial in a bottle’ daily for a week and I felt as though my sensitive skin had a new lease of life. I was told it did too and my complexion appeared brighter. If you’re a sucker for a spa facial, this is the next best thing.

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

Exuviance's Bionic Oxygen Facial promises to energise and detoxify dull and lacklustre skin in just five minutes. Sound like something you can get on board with? With continued use it supports collagen levels and promotes youth-benefiting properties. OK I'm sold. Think about it - oxygen is so vital for our bodies to survive why wouldn't it be essential for keeping our skin healthy, too? That's why this mask, developed by dermatologists, contains three oxygenating molecules that I can't even begin to pronounce let alone try and spell.

Once massaged into damp skin, a thin layer of what I would best describe as 'froth' appears on the skin's surface. This is the oxygen doing its work. After a couple of minutes it dries clear and after five, it's ready to wash off. Once washed off, my skin was left feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.

At £60 it's not a mask to mess around with whilst chilling with your friends eating pizza and binging on Netflix (we'll stick to our 99p sachets from Superdrug for those nights) but if you're serious about skincare then definitely give this a go. I'll be using it regularly to see if those long-term effects come in to action. Here's hoping!

Pascale - Staff Writer

​Look. Generally, I don't have time to do at-home facials. That's like 45 minutes out of my day right there. There's plenty of other things I need to be doing, like eating, or sorting out my Pinterest vision boards, or scrolling through Cats of Instagram. Maybe even eat some more, who knows. Which is why, with such an insanely busy schedule every damn day, Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial is perfect for someone like me. It only takes five minutes, and then you're done. Wash it off and you're ready to go, with a face that's like, 100% more radiant than it was a mere moments ago.

​And just check out that grand AF name. Exuviance! Bionic! Facial! It practically screams sophisticated at-home treatment. Here's a tip from me to you: dim the lights. Pull up some plinky plonky music on YouTube, or find a playlist on Spotify that's called something like "playful waterfalls in summer". Put on this mask and just take five minutes to relax. Just take five damn minutes. Because this stuff is serious business. It works quickly. And it's going to give you skin that strangers on the tube are going to want to touch. Literal strangers are going to want to stroke your soft, soft cheeks. And who could blame them? Exuviance has changed your skin. You glowing, gurl.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Who in this day and age has time to breathe let alone indulge in lengthy facials that promise skin as soft as a baby's butt cheek? And if only I could afford such a luxury too. So I was kinda, okay very, eager to try out this product which markets itself as a 'facial in a bottle' saving you both time and money. The biggest selling point of this product for me was the results it promised in such a small amount of time. I slathered this on my face on Sunday night when I was feeling particularly under the weather, left it to work its magic for five minutes - less than the time it takes to finally decide what to watch on Netflix - and washed it off.

This nifty product left my skin feeling clean and nourished - even my unsightly stubborn pimples looked smaller and less angry too. A genie in a bottle, Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial was obvs what Christina Aguilera was talking about all those years ago.

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