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Vibrating mascaras

by Sarah Horrocks Published on 19 May 2009
Vibrating mascaras

Ordinary mascara just doesn't make the cut any more. The cosmetics brands are plying us with these magic buzzing wands that don't require you to 'zig-zag' to get full lash coverage.

After Givenchy brought out the best-selling Phenomen'Eyes spherical wand last year, Lancome went one better with its Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara, £28. When activated, the wand vibrates 7000 times a minute to coat lashes in one stroke without clumping.

Hot on its heels came Estée Lauder's award-winning Turbolash with micro-pulsing bristles, £27.50, which rather disconcertingly starts buzzing when you twist the wand open. Prescriptives have just launched a similar volumising version for £25.45 (available at House of Fraser).

And we hear Maybelline is adding a budget vibrating mascara to its Define-A-Lash range. WDD reports that Pulse Perfection is due to hit shelves late this summer.

Sarah Horrocks