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This Anti-Cellulite Cup Promises To Give You 'Better Skin' *Sigh*

by Lareese Craig ,
This Anti-Cellulite Cup Promises To Give You 'Better Skin' *Sigh*

It looks like a menstrual cup but don't be fooled, this silicone vacuum is actually out to blitz your disgusting, ugly cellulite, because ain't that just the perfect body confidence message we've been missing all this time? Cue the biggest eye roll from womankind ever.

Ever looked at the dimples in your thighs and thought, 'and to what do I owe this pleasure? Was I such a monster in a previous life that my skin never quite evolved into a flawless homo sapien?

Ok, maybe not those exact thoughts, but something along those cellulite-hating, body-dissing lines. Like us, you're probably guilty of giving your so-called imperfections a hard time but rather than hiding our celli bellies and thighs away as if they're some kind of 19th century disease, here at Sofeminine we think we should be embracing 'em, right?

Wrong. Apparently we should be sucking it up with an anti-cellulite cup. Who. Knew.


By oiling up your limbs and latching this vacuum cup onto your selected 'problem' area, you can achieve, ahem, 'better skin'.

Simply rub the little mooncup in a vertical motion for five minutes, then horizontally for another five before switching up to your other leg/ butt cheek and repeating the process.

Well, we've seen it all now. We've got creams to get make our fine lines smooth, we've got lotions and potions to firm our buttocks, but before I start sounding like The Little Mermaid anthem, let's just pose this question: where do we draw the line?

At which point do we stop and say, you know what, instead of putting all our faith in cosmetic pastes and weird sucky cups that hoover up our cellulite, why don't we try sucking up a bit of body confidence instead and, in the wise words of Fergie, treat our lovely lady lumps (and bumps) as the beautiful resident VIPs that they are!

There's really no need to suck the living daylights out of them.

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Lareese Craig
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