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Kendall Jenner Reveals The Simple DIY Face Mask That Cured Her Acne - Here's How You Can Make It

by Rose Adams ,
Kendall Jenner Reveals The Simple DIY Face Mask That Cured Her Acne - Here's How You Can Make It© Getty

We all want selfie-ready skin, right? But there's a common problem that's standing in the way, and that's our nemesis acne. It may be hard to believe now, but stunning, spot free model Kendall Jenner was once a victim of the condition too, but she managed to beat it with the help of this secret miracle face mask that's hella easier (and cheaper) than we ever imagined. Blemishes beware, we're coming for you!

  1. · Kendall's battle with acne in pictures:
  2. · Kendall's Acne Curing Recipe:
  3. · Method:
  4. · What does the expert think?

Kendall Jenner may be one of the most talked about it-girls on the planet, but that doesn't stop her from being human, and up against some confidence bashing beauty woes like the rest of us. Responsible for spoiling our precious teen years, and still occasionally rearing its ugly head today, acne is definitely not the one. It can be tempting to make like Kendall and cover your spots with a thick layer of foundation, but trust us when we say this is definitely not the best solution.

Today, the famous model has recovered with perfectly flawless skin, but in an article on her own website, Kendall admitted that having acne knocked her confidence massively: "It really hit me and I became complexed by it. My self esteem, I could not even look at people when I spoke to them. I felt rejected. When I spoke, I put my hand up to cover my face. In high school I never thought of looking at the boys."

So just how did Kendall Jenner overcome it to get the clear, smooth skin she sports today? On her website, the star unveiled the miracle mixture that she credits for curing her acne - and the good news is it will cost us nothing more than a few quid and a little tour of the kitchen. Huzzah!

Kendall's battle with acne in pictures:

Kendall Jenner © Getty
Kendall Jenner
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We spoke to cosmetic doctor and founder of Perfect Skin Solutions Clinic Dr Dev Patel who gave us his expert opinion on Kendall's cure. FYI he also advised talking to your doc or dermatologist before embarking on an acne curing operation of your own, especially if you're worried the ingredients may irritate or be unsuitable for your skin type. Noted.

Kendall's Acne Curing Recipe:

- 1 teaspoon of honey
- 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
- 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

Mix together all the ingredients to create a paste and apply directly onto the spots. Leave on for no more than 30 minutes and rinse throughly.


Dr Dev says: "I have a clear 5 minute rule for any new use of a mask - even if it's homemade. If the skin is fine after 48 hours, you can repeat for 10-15 minutes. The maximum I would advise a mask be applied for is 30 minutes. However, I suspect 15-20 minutes is probably optimal as too long an exposure can often just dry out skin. It's important to use a moisturising cream suitable for acne after the mask is washed off."

What does the expert think?

It gets the thumbs up from our expert. Dr Dev explains: "Honey has been used medically for thousands of years and two of its key properties are acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent which would hopefully help control the acne bacteria. Lemon juice is likely to help reduce sebum (oil from sebaceous glands that is overproduced in acne) by encouraging its exit from the skin - the citric acid also has anti-bacterial properties.

"I always tell my acne patients that their skin is likely to have an imbalanced environment. This includes dehydration (even if the skin is oily as this is probably due to an inherent shortage of moisture) and pH imbalance. Baking soda is amphoteric and so can lower or increase pH. Therefore, it may have a natural toner-like property in rebalancing pH in the skin as well as the fact that it reduces sebum levels too."

Time to fill your instagram feed with #nomakeup selfies, cos if it's good enough for Kendall...

Give this mask a go and let us know how you get on - share your selfies with us @SoFeminineUK!

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