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8 of The Best Sheet Masks To Save You From A Winter Skin Meltdown

by Lareese Craig ,
8 of The Best Sheet Masks To Save You From A Winter Skin Meltdown

It took a while for the UK to catch up with Asia on the sheet-mask trend but now we're in on the beauty secret we're never looking back. Because nothing makes your pores happier than a tissue with eye and mouth holes. Even if you do look like a serial killer...

  1. · The Benefits Of Using Sheet Masks
  2. · For The Plant Lover
  3. · For The Glow Getter
  4. · For The Spa Bunny
  5. · ​. For The Bargain Hunter
  6. · For The Party Girl
  7. · For The Selfie Addict
  8. · For The Green Tea Goddess
  9. · For The Youth Junkie

​They need no introduction because let's face it (I ain't sorry) sheet masks are everywhere. To say the eight step Korean beauty routine is something to aspire to would be an understatement, particularly when we consider taking our mascara off everyday to be too much effort most of the time. But the humble sheet mask, aka the lazy girl facial, makes that Korean complexion a little more achievable for the low maintenance lasses.

Here's a closer look at the masks we're loving, along with the key benefits of adding one into your weekly skincare routine!

The Benefits Of Using Sheet Masks

1. For The Plant Lover

Origins Plantscription Youth-Renewing Mask Sheet
RRP: £32 for pack of 6
Available from: John Lewis

Recondition lacklustre skin with Origin's plant based sheet mask. Infused with anti-ageing properties including Anogeissus, Tamanu, Raspberry Seed and Rose Hip Oils, your skin will look as purty as an English rose garden in full bloom by the time you're done.

2. For The Glow Getter

When Snow Magic
RRP: £7
Available from: Selfridges

Has this Autumn climate got your skin crying out for some radiance? We know a guy. He's an all natural bio cellulose mask sheet made from actual coconuts and enriched with hydrating serum. Sadly, he's not a real guy - we were just being silly.

3. For The Spa Bunny

Shiseido Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask
RRP: £39.95 for pack of 4 x upper face mask, 4 x upper face mask
Available from: All Beauty

​Sometimes you've just got to splash out if it makes you feel good and this revitalising mask from Shiseido will do just that, and then some. Even if your bank account doesn't know it yet. This little number is an effective concentrated treatment that encourages skin's natural recovery while restoring a youthful, rested appearance right from the word go. That's right, one application and you basically look as fresh as Sleeping Beauty when she woke from that 100 year nap. If that's not worth spending your wonga on we don't know what is tbh.

4​. For The Bargain Hunter

​Garnier Moisture Bomb
RRP: £0.99
Available from: Boots

There's not much you can buy for less than £1 these days but Garnier's Moisture Bomb sheet mask is one of them. Boom. Enriched with pomegranate, hyaluronic acid and plant serum, this product is perfect for those looking to revitalise tired, congested skin.

Whether you're a non-stop city girl or a social butterfly, the chances are those pores will feel the effects of your 24/7 lifestyle, so what better way to slow down and show your skin some TLC than with these bad boys. And, get this, it diffuses the equivalent level of hydrating Glycerin serum as one week's use of day care Moisture cream. That's pretty good for 99p, eh!

5. For The Party Girl

DHC Bio Cellulose Mask
RRP: £7.50
Available from: Escentual

Here's one for all those times partying plays havoc with your skin. Nothing like waking up with skin like Uncle Fester the morning after the night before is there? DHC to the rescue! Their sheet mask is blended with soothing Neem Leaf, conditioning Shell Ginger and most importantly antioxidant Vitamin C. Ten minutes alone with this baby and you'll be feeling brand new.

6. For The Selfie Addict

Starskin Firming Face Mask
RRP: £8.50
Available from: ASOS

If you weren't ready for your close-up, you will be after using this bad boy. Star Skin's Firming Face Mask is formulated to lift, sculpt and smooth the skin for a supple, youthful appearance. In fact, their whole collection is well worth adding to your wish list.

7. For The Green Tea Goddess

Masque Bar Green Tea
RRP: £9.99 for pack of 3
Available from:

They say you'd have to drink a truck load of green tea to actually reap the benefits, so why not let your skin do the thirsty work instead? Masque Bar Green Tea drenches your pores with antioxidants and minimises the appearance of irregularities. An even, radiant complexion is just 20-30 minutes away. Do. Not. Disturb.

8. For The Youth Junkie

Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask
RRP: £4.99
Available from: www.lookfantastic.com

Combining Collagen with Elastin and Vitamin E, this mask helps slow down the signs of ageing and intensely boost moisture to reveal stronger, firmer looking skin. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it fights free radical damage and promote rejuvenation. Fine lines be gone!

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