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Biba lipgloss ring review

by the editorial team ,
Biba lipgloss ring review

Sometimes the best things in life come in small packages - just like Biba's retro lipgloss

Biba lipgloss ring review


It's this kind of limited edition beauty invention that can't fail to please us.

Whether you need a mid week pick-me-up or a gift for a friend, jewellery with make-up inside pleases on every level.

With the iconic Biba design on the lid and pink sparkly lip gloss inside - it's a winning combo.

It's not the only bit of Biba make-up that has got us excited - we're loving their metallic eyeshadow palettes and chip resistant nail varnishes too. And while we know it's not fair to have favourites - our Biba lip gloss ring is pretty hard to beat.

Santa - are you listening?!

Biba Lip Gloss Ring, £15.00, available from
House of Fraser

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