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This Bubble Clay Mask Was Made For Your Face And Your Instagram

by Pascale Day ,
This Bubble Clay Mask Was Made For Your Face And Your Instagram© Instagram / hello_luvvy

We once thought that all we needed from a face mask was for it to clean our face. How naive we were. It wasn't until we saw irresistibly Instagrammable bubble clay masks that we realised what we really need from our home facials is something that makes our skin silky soft, but also makes us look so weird that we must take as many selfies as possible. Enter the latest Korean beauty export that'll clean your pores and rake in the likes.

Korea, man. What will they think of next? From chia seed moisturiser to donkey milk sheet masks, we've tried all the weird and wonderful beauty hacks Asia has to offer, but this one really takes the cake. The Korean bubble mask is an instant Insta hit.

Here's how it works: you slather the clay mask straight onto the face. Wait a few minutes. Feel it get tingly. Then, as the clay begins to react with the oxygen in the air, the clay begins to effervesce. We're not going to lie, you do start to look a bit like The Hunger Games' Peeta camouflaged in a swamp, but that's part of the fun, right? What more could you really want from a face mask: a hella good clean and an Instagram opportunity? Quick, take my money!

The real question is: are these products more than just novelty bubbles? Well, yes - these masks aren't just a foamy face, guys. The bubbling clay gets deep into your pores to clean out the dirt and, according to Stylecaster, masks like the infamous Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask has clarifying properties, and will therefore tighten your skin and dry out any blemishes. But c'mon, there's nothing wrong with taking a couple of selfies in the process of giving your skin a good cleanse, is there? Take a look at these beautiful creatures:

Bubble masks: the new WTF trend spotted on Instagram © Instagram / viestelook
Bubble masks: the new WTF trend spotted on Instagram
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So, you want in on the action? Luckily you don't have to wait for a package all the way from Korea to try out a bubble mask. Some of our favourite brands are now capitalising on our need for fizzy face masks. Check out our pick of the best below.

Janjira Marine Radiant White Brightening Bubble Mask, £24
Janjira Marine Radiant White Brightening Bubble Mask, £24
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Have you tried the bubble clay mask? Let us know what you thought! @sofeminineUK

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