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Miranda Kerr: Her body brushing habit explained

by Lareese Craig ,
Miranda Kerr: Her body brushing habit explained© Getty

There's not much in the way of beauty we wouldn't buy or try to get skin as flawless as Miranda Kerr's, so you can imagine the excitement when A) she shares her top shower secret and B) it doesn't cost the earth. We talked to Karen Bevan-Brown aka body brushing guru to get the down low on the latest celeb craze. It's time to get buff.

Miranda Kerr is known for her perfect pores and flawless skin so any top tips from her and we'll gladly obey. Clearly the woman's doing something right.

The Aussie beauty recently revealed her fave tip for keeping her bod in check is dry body brushing.

She says: "You can do it before or after a shower, I like to do it after the shower. It makes your skin super smooth."

Miss Kerr is a great advocate for healthy glowing skin so anything with her approval is a must-try.

We spoke to Liz Earle Treatments Expert, Karen Bevan-Brown, to find out how to do it, why it's good for us and what the alternatives are for those sensitive skin sufferers.

Karen explains the benefits: "Dry Body Brushing is incredibly invigorating and a great wake up first thing.

"It helps to combat the effects of general fatigue, significantly improving the appearance of a dull skin tone along with improving blood circulation and the immune system.

"It’s also great for sloughing off dry flaky patches to create a perfect smooth canvas - excellent before self-tan application."

Unlike the blood circulatory system and heart, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump and therefore relies on your own muscle contraction and massage to flow effectively, which is where body brushing comes in.

If your body's been working overtime or you've been slack on the exercise front, your immune system is more vulnerable and sluggish at eliminating waste and excess fluid. This can lead to poor skin tone, flaky, uneven skin and cellulite. Need any more reasons to give body brushing a go?

How is it done?

Start with the soles of your feet and work in an upwards motion towards your heart, using sweeping stokes and focusing on problematic areas (thighs, buttocks).

Use light pressure to target the lymphatic system. It might be tempting to scrub as hard as you can, but as cleansing as that might sound, it's ineffective and will leave you feeling red and sore.

Simply spend a couple of minutes each day using a body brush before your morning shower or in the evening. It's great post-exercise for massaging the muscles or for rejuvenating sleepy skin after a day in the office.

Miranda Kerr: Her body brushing habit explained © GETTY
Miranda Kerr: Her body brushing habit explained
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Top body brushing tips to keep skin smooth and sexy:

1. Try just a few minutes of dry body brushing every day before your shower to help promote healthy looking skin and general wellbeing.

2. Keep your body brush close to the shower, so that this daily body-care step isn't missed or forgotten.

3. Give your skin an extra boost by turning the shower to cold for a few seconds before getting out - this is great for boosting circulation and enhancing the effects of body brushing.

4. Follow each brush sweep with a light stroke of the palm of your other hand, this will help to soothe and calm sensory nerve endings.

5. Give your natural bristle body brush a clean once a week with hot soapy water.

6. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C as they help keep your connective tissue strong and reduce the dimpling effect that can form when fat cells enlarge.

7. Combine body brushing with regular exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of water.

What are the alternatives?

Any form of movement, gentle or strenuous, will help to reawaken the lymphatic system. Regular exercise stimulates your lymph flow, which will help rid your body of unwanted toxins.

So before you cancel that yoga class or jog round the block, think of the skin benefits too!

If it's cellulite that's bothering you, try gentle daily massage with your fave moisturiser. Apply it in firm sweeping movements and use your fingertips to concentrate on sluggish areas to help break down fatty deposits.

Brighter, smoother skin? The body brush is our new best friend.

Will you be brushing up on Miranda Kerr's beauty habit? Or avoiding the scrub? Tweet us @sofeminineuk

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